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The City's information sheets outline what you can build and how to apply. Building application forms are listed below and a current fee schedule.

Fees and charges

Building information sheets

Building application and notice forms (BA1 - BA22)

The following building approval and notice forms are available from the Building and Energy Division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website:

Building Applications;

  • BA1 - Application for building permit - certified
  • BA2 - Application for building permit - uncertified
  • BA5 - Application for demolition permit
  • BA9 - Application for occupancy Permit
  • BA13 - Application for building approval certificate
  • BA19 - Request to amend building permit - new builder
  • BA22 - Application to extend time - building or demolition permit
  • BA23 - Application to extend time - occupancy permit or building approval certificate


  • BA7 – Notice of completion
  • BA8 – Notice of cessation
  • BA8a - Notice of cessation - multiple properties
  • BA20 – Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect
  • BA20A – Notice and request for consent (response notice): Protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land

Building application forms (other)

Planning information sheets

Planning forms and checklists

Environment and Sustainability Information Sheets

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