Council Elections

Election Results

Two new Councillors and five returning Councillors were elected at the Local Government elections held on Saturday 17 October 2015. 

The following newly elected councillors have been elected for a four year term, expiring in October 2019.

Elected Candidate
NIXON, Grant
SILVER, Michelle
BUSBY, Kerry
SARGESON, Laurence

The City thanks the Returning Officer Mr Jeff Solliss, all candidates and electors for their valued participation in the elections.

Swearing in of New Councillors

Successful candidates were sworn in at an Ordinary Meeting of Council held Monday 19 October 2015. Also at this meeting Councillors will elected the Mayor (Cr Henry Zelones) and Deputy Mayor (Ruth Butterfield) for a two year term until the next elections in 2017.

Armadale Council

The City of Armadale Council comprises of 14 Councillors, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are elected to serve the Armadale district.

The City is divided into seven wards with two Councillors representing each ward for a four year term. Further detail on wards is available here.

Council Elections are held every two years with voting voluntary.

The vote count is conducted on either an in-person or postal basis, a decision which rests with each Council and which occurs every two years in the lead up to Election Day.

For postal elections, the Western Australian Electoral Commission is responsible for the conduct of the election including the appointment of the Returning Officer.

For in-person elections, the City is responsible for the conduct of the election with the Returning Officer being the Chief Executive Officer.

The City of Armadale's Elections are conducted as a postal election, a practice which Council has followed since the inception of postal elections in 1996.

Further Information

Further information about local government elections and the role of a Councillor can be obtained from: