Council Elections

Council Elections

Armadale Council

The City of Armadale Council comprises 14 councillors, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are elected (postal elections) to represent the Armadale district.

Further detail about our elections including our current election, candidate profiles, enrolment eligibility to vote and become a councillor and our wards is available from the links below. 

Further information about local government elections is available from the:

  • Election Results
    Election Results

    Results of the City of Armadale 2019 ordinary elections. Information will be updated on the evening of 19 October 2019.

  • Ballot paper being put into ballot box
    Elections 2019

    Council elections are held every two years. Voting in Council elections is voluntary and highly encouraged.

  • Enrolment
    Enrolment Eligibility

    Requirements to vote and nominate to be a councillor.

  • Ward Boundaries

    The City has seven wards with two councillors per ward and a Mayor selected by the councillors.

  • Candidate Profiles
    Candidate Profiles

    Candidates approved by the Returning Officer for the 2019 Election.

  • Nomination
    Nominating to be a Councillor

    If you have aspirations to lead and represent your community, you may want to nominate to become a councillor.