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A number of redevelopment areas in the City are under the planning control of DevelopmentWA, which is the State Government’s central development agency. DevelopmentWA has commenced the process of ‘normalising’ some of those areas to return them to the City’s planning control, and information about those precincts and normalisation process is provided below.

Any applications for development in these precincts which are lodged with DevelopmentWA prior to normalisation will continue to be assessed and determined by DevelopmentWA, if they have not been determined prior to normalisation, and in accordance with DevelopmentWA requirements. Development applications lodged with the City after normalisation will be assessed and determined by the City, in accordance with its standards.

For more information about normalisation, or if you have any questions about the precincts highlighted in the map below, please contact the City’s Planning Services Department.

DWA precincts

Champion Drive Precinct

The Champion Drive Precinct contains roughly 53 hectares of land bound by Champion Drive, Gillam Drive, Blaxland Elbow, Kalanchoe Approach, Verdant Crescent, Milagro Fairway and Lake Road. The entire northern portion of the precinct has been subdivided, while the area south of Westfield Road is mostly vacant and requires a new structure plan.

The City has prepared for normalisation of this Precinct by initiating Amendment No. 105 to its Town Planning Scheme No.4 (TPS No.4), which was gazetted on 28 July 2020.

The Local Development Plans (LDPs) which guide development on many of the lots north of Westfield Road remain applicable and are available on the City’s website.

This Precinct was normalised by DevelopmentWA on 24 December 2020, and at that point the City resumed planning control of the Precinct. Any planning applications or enquiries about structure planning or development should be directed to the City.

Forrestdale Business Park East

Forrestdale Business Park East (FBPE) is approximately 188 hectares of land bound by Tonkin Highway, Ranford Road and Armadale Road. It is approximately 75% subdivided into industrial lots, many of which have been built on and occupied, and also contains a Conservation Category Wetland (CCW) in the south-west corner.

The City has initiated Amendment No. 107 to TPS No.4 which was gazetted on 28 July 2020 and proposed to:

  • Include the precinct into the TPS No.4 boundary; and
  • Zone the majority of FBPE consistent with a concurrent Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment, existing development and generally consistent with the now expired FBPE Structure Plan.

Amendment No. 107 will not take effect until the precinct is normalised by DevelopmentWA. Until normalisation, planning applications will continue to be assessed by DevelopmentWA under the Armadale Redevelopment Scheme 2. Further details about Amendment No. 107 are downloadable below. Enquiries about the existing DCP for Forrestdale Business Park East should be referred to DevelopmentWA.

Under the DevelopmentWA planning framework, the Forrestdale Business Park East Design Guidelines are in use. After assessment of the provisions in that document, it was determined that rather than carrying across the Design Guidelines at Normalisation, a better planning outcome would be to carry across the provisions that best facilitate optimum planning outcomes for both FBPE and the wider industrial areas within the City. That is being achieved through amendments to the City's Local Planning Policy PLN 4.1 - The Design of Industrial Sites and Estates, which can be downloaded below.

The City has also initiated Amendment No. 114 to TPS No.4 which was gazetted on 1 June 2021. The Amendment relates to three lots in the south west of the FBPE precinct and proposed to:

  • Include these sites into the TPS No.4 boundary;
  • Apply zones and reserves to the lots consistent with the now expired FBPE Structure Plan and the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment; and
  • Provide a framework/requirements for the preparation of a new Structure Plan over Lot 9500 Armadale Road. 

DevelopmentWA's target date for normalisation of this Precinct is the end of 2021, with a confirmed date will be published when available.

West of Rail/Railway Station Precinct

The West of Rail and Railway Station Precincts are located immediately west of the Armadale Strategic Metropolitan Centre. The West of Rail Precinct is a triangular area of roughly 10.84 hectares bound by the Armadale Train Line to the east, Forrest Road and Fifth Road. The Railway Station Precinct is a rectangular area of approximately 9.4 hectares that is bound by Commerce Avenue to the east and Green Avenue to the west. It runs from approximately Forrest Road to the north and Coombe Avenue to the south and incorporates the Armadale Train Station.

Amendment No.108 will reintroduce the West of Rail and Railway Station Precincts into TPS No.4 re-establishing TPS No. 4 zonings for the normalised area, which are consistent with both DevelopmentWA’s planning framework and a MRS amendment. Amendment No. 108 will also amend the TPS No. 4 text to reference an amended version of the DevelopmentWA’s Structure Plan and to provide for an Additional Use protecting the use rights on one specific property. Amendment No. 108 was gazetted on 28 July 2020.

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) which is administered by DevelopmentWA currently operates within this precinct. As part of the normalisation of the precinct, DevelopmentWA is proposing to rescind the DCP. Amendment No. 117 is proposing to introduce a new DCP into the City of Armadale TPS No. 4 to operate within the precinct. The DCP proposed by Amendment No. 117 will effectively replace the current DevelopmentWA administered DCP. Scheme Amendment No.120 is intended to extend the proposed boundaries of the Development Contribution Area (DCA) 8 as shown on the Special Control Area Map 3 for Scheme Amendment No.117 to include Lots 4 and 502 Green Avenue, Armadale.

It is expected that the DevelopmentWA operated DCP will be formally revoked, and the TPS No. 4 zoning and DCP proposed by Amendment Nos. 108 & 117 will formally take effect at the point of normalisation.

Until normalisation, planning applications will continue to be assessed by DevelopmentWA under the Armadale Redevelopment Scheme 2. Further details about Amendment Nos. 108 & 117 are downloadable below. DevelopmentWA’s target date for normalisation of this Precinct is during 2022, with a confirmed date to be published when available.

Wungong Urban Water

DevelopmentWA has indicated its intention to normalise Wungong Urban Water, which is a large Redevelopment area comprising the suburbs of Hilbert, Haynes and the portion of Wungong west of the railway line.

Normalisation of the DevelopmentWA's Wungong area is currently anticipated in 2023. Current normalisation activities include the preparation of an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme and a review of the Developer Contribution Plan.

At its meeting of 25 May 2020 Council adopted an amendment to Local Planning Policy PLN 3.10 - Residential Design Codes Variation which provides for use of the R-MD Codes in Wungong post-normalisation, in order to maintain the status quo and eliminate the administrative burden of assessing/administering individual LDPs. More information can be downloaded below.


The Kelmscott Precinct incorporates part, but not all of the Kelmscott District Centre. It is an area of approximately 13.78 hectares that is bound by the Armadale Railway Line, Third Avenue and Slee Avenue to the east, Albany Highway to the west and Davis Road to the south. The majority of the Kelmscott precinct comprises existing commercial development and is currently undergoing extensive infrastructure upgrades associated with the Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal project.

Amendment No.112 will facilitate the normalisation of the Kelmscott Precinct into TPS No.4, appropriately zoning the area and enabling a Precinct Structure Plan to be prepared for the Precinct. That Scheme Amendment was initiated by Council at its meeting of 19 April 2021.

DevelopmentWA's target date for normalisation of this Precinct is during 2022, with a confirmed date will be published when available.

Other Redevelopment Precincts

The remaining DevelopmentWA Redevelopment Precincts are Champion Lakes and Forrestdale Business Park West. These Precincts are likely to be normalised in future years and future information will be provided at the time.

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