The City is committed to processing planning and building applications as early as possible within statutory timeframes, while maintaining the quality of its assessments. The City supports that commitment to expediting applications with in-house recordkeeping and auditing, and ongoing participation in these monitoring projects which compare performance across Local Government:

  • The Western Australian Local Government Association’s (WALGA) Local Government Performance Monitoring project (3 years); and
  • The Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program.

Recent key statistics, from the 21/22 financial year are:

  • A total of 2766 development and building applications were received in 2021/22;
  • The City determined 97% of those applications within statutory timeframes;
  • 2196 Building Applications were received and the City determined 99.9% of those applications within statutory timeframes;
  • 506 development applications were received and 87% of those applications were determined within statutory timeframes;
  • Of those 506 development applications, 89 required advertising for comment and 417 did not require advertising;
  • The City also received and reported on 5 development applications which were determined by Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel;
  • The City received 64 subdivision referrals from the WAPC and 78% of those referrals were responded to within statutory timeframes;
  • A total of 909 Planning and Building compliance matters were dealt with in 2021/22.

Some key statistics from the previous WALGA report for the 19/20 financial year are:

  • The City of Armadale is one of only 10 Local Governments surveyed that has a current Local Planning Strategy with a strong strategic alignment with State Government Policies and the City’s Strategic Community Plan;
  • The City finalised 3 Town Planning Scheme Amendments during that year, which was above the survey average of 2;
  • The City determined 98% of all applications within statutory timeframes compared to the survey average of 93%;
  • 94% of development applications were determined by the City within statutory timeframes whereas the survey average was 81%;
  • The City determined 100% of Building Applications within statutory timeframes.

This page will continue to be updated with information that becomes available from performance monitoring projects.

Building Approvals Register

The City of Armadale, as a permit authority, must make available to members of the public a register of building approvals and building orders issued by Building Services. 

Listed below are the City's building approval registers effective from the introduction of the Building Act 2011 on 2nd April 2012. The registers are updated following the beginning of a new month;

Building Orders Register

The building orders register is updated when any changes occur or new building orders are issued; 

More information and contact

For more information about the above building approval or building order registers, please contact Building Services via

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