The City acknowledges that health is impacted by a variety of determinants, which not only focus on individual behaviour, but the social, economic, built and natural environments that we live, work and play in.

The City's first Health and Wellbeing Plan was developed through an extensive review of local health data and information, and consultation with residents, public health organisations and staff.

The health priority issues that are addressed within the Plan are:

  • Preventing obesity
  • Food security and access to quality fruit and vegetables
  • Safety/crime
  • Reducing alcohol related harm
  • Advocating for better transport links
  • Promoting mental health
  • Creation of shade in public places
  • Improving access to physical activity opportunities for all
  • Promoting smoke free environments
  • Environmental health protection.

For each of the identified priority health issues, a number of strategies have been proposed under the broad priority areas of Environmental Health Protection, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Enhanced Community Lifestyle.

The City recognises that many factors affecting health fall outside the scope of local government, therefore partnerships have been established with relevant external agencies that also influence the health and wellbeing of residents.

Page Last Reviewed 9 September 2019