Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policies

Town Planning Scheme No.4 (TPS No.4) is supported by a suite of Local Town Planning Policies, which guide decision-making and the implementation of the Scheme. The relationship between the Scheme, the Local Planning Strategy and the Local Planning Policies and the process of policy-making is described in Part 2 of the TPS No.4. In general Local Planning Policies must be consistent with the intent of the Scheme and the Residential Design Codes.

The Local Planning Policies are numbered and grouped into five main parts which are consistent with State Planning Policy and the principles of sustainable development. These include:

  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Sustainable Settlements and Community
  • Economy and Employment
  • Transport and Infrastructure

All the Local Planning Policies have been designed with a common simplified format including:

  • an introductory statement explaining the background and purpose of the policy
  • a statement of the circumstances to which the policy applies
  • the policy objectives
  • the policy statement which includes all the policy matters to be applied.

Some policies may also include definitions and appendices.

Environment and Natural Resources Policies

PLN 2.1 - Establishment or Amendment of Development Envelope Locations
PLN 2.4 - Tree Preservation
PLN 2.5 - Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
PLN 2.6 - Water Sensitive Design
PLN 2.7 - Environmental Management and Improvement for Development of Constrained Land
PLN 2.8 - Subdivision and Structure Planning for Lots with Watercourses in Rural Living and General Rural Zones
PLN 2.9 - Landscaping

Sustainable Settlements and Community Policies

PLN 3.1 - Residential Density Development
PLN 3.2 - Child Care Premises and Family Day Care
PLN 3.3 - Home Occupations and Home Businesses
PLN 3.4 - Outbuildings
PLN 3.5 - Setback Variations - Rural Living and General Rural Zones
PLN 3.6 - Ancillary Accommodation - Control of Additional Accommodation
PLN 3.7 - Araluen Residential Estate
PLN 3.8 - Heritage Management Incentives Policy
PLN 3.9 - River Road Heritage Area
PLN 3.10 - Residential Design Codes Variations
PLN 3.12 - Percent for Public Art

Economy and Employment Policies

PLN 4.1 - The Design of Industrial Sites and Estates
PLN 4.2 - Signage (Advertisements)

Transport and Infrastructure Policies

PLN 5.1 - Highway Development
PLN 5.2 - Commercial Vehicle Parking
PLN 5.3 - Sea Containers, Railway Carriages and Other Decommissioned Transport Conveyances
PLN 5.4 - Cash in Lieu for Car Parking


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