Did you know the City has a community activity trailer that's available free of charge for community groups?  The trailer has a built in BBQ and fridge, and equipment needed to run a small community event.  Groups can use this trailer to run fundraisers or simply host events in the community. You do not need a 4WD to borrow this as the trailer can be towed by the average family vehicle with a tow bar.

The trailer is free, all you are required to do is fill out an online booking form and pay a $200.00 returnable bond. 

About the Trailer

The Activity Trailer is a 2300x2000x2200 fully enclosed trailer with aluminium roller shuttles on three sides. It has a 2000kg rated single axle, and 225/75 R15 commercial wheels and tires. The trailer is fitted with solar panels.

Who can hire

The City of Armadale provides access to the Activity Trailer to local Community Organisations and Not for Profit Organisations, subject to the hirer agreeing to the Conditions of Hire including in the booking form, which includes having public liability insurance and agreeing to pay a bond.

To use the Activity Trailer, your event must be held within the City of Armadale.

What it can be used for

The Trailer and its contents can be used for any community event. You can use it for fundraiser for your group, host a community event, or an event for your group. If you are unsure if your idea is suitable, contact the team via .

Where it’s stored

The trailer is located at the Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (AFAC) 60 Champion Dr, Seville Grove WA. It must be collected from and returned to there.

What’s in the trailer

A full list of what is included in the trailer can be downloaded below. 

What hirers must provide

To use the trailer, hirers MUST provide their own cooking and cleaning equipment. Suggested items include:

  • Cooking and food handling equipment:
    • Gas BBQ bottle
    • Food handling gloves
    • Chopping Boards
    • Knives
    • Oven Mitts
    • Tongs
    • Baking Trays and BBQ Foil trays
    • Ice
  • Cleaning equipment:
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Bin Bags
    • BBQ Cleaning Brush
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Dish Cloths and sponges
    • Dish washing detergent
    • Multi-Purpose Cleaning spray
    • Water

Hiring Process

All applications must be made via the City's online Booking website. Please visit

Information on how to register an account for our bookings website is available here.

All hirers are required to provide a current copy of their public liability insurance and pay the bond.

Once your booking has been reviewed and bond payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Your booking is NOT confirmed until the bond is receipted and you receive written confirmation.

There is no FEE to hire the Activity Trailer, however hirers are required to pay a $200 bond for the use of the Activity Trailer. A bond is applicable to all bookings and charged in accordance with the current Fees and Charges schedule.



Hirers can pick up the key and trailer at the Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (AFAC) during their hours of operation. Opening hours vary seasonally and can be viewed here.

At AFAC, go to the reception desk and ask for the Customer Service Team Leader, stating that you are here to collect the Activity Trailer keys. Show them confirmation of your booking. An AFAC staff member will remove the trailer from its storage space for you.

Please inspect the trailer before taking possession. Make note of any existing damage and email

Operating the Trailer

Information on operating the trailer is provided with each booking.

The trailer must be towed by a vehicle with suitable towing capacity and the appropriate towing mechanisms. The Activity Trailer is fitted with a 50mm tow ball and seven pin round electrical plug.

Please be mindful when driving and parking that there are solar panels on the roof of the trailer.

The trailer has a manually operated patio awning attached. Instructions for use can be viewed here and are provided with the trailer.

A hirer can keep the trailer overnight or over a weekend, however, it is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure the trailer is secure and safe at all times.

The trailer is fitted with solar panels and does not require charging. If you are hiring the trailer over a weekend, ensure that it is in a sunny position. Alternatively, if this is not an option or there is no sun, you may plug the trailer in to a normal power point using the provided extension cord only.

Any faults or damage must be reported immediately. Please report any observed damage to or the City’s after hours service on 1300 886 885.

In the case of an accident immediately contact the City of Armadale workshop on 9394 5335 or 0439 936 202. Your vehicle is not covered under the City's insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have car insurance.


Before returning the trailer the hirer must ensure that the trailer is free of rubbish and debris and the hirer’s belongings removed. All equipment is to be returned to its designated storage area, these areas are clearly labelled. The external area of the trailer is to be washed and all water to be drained from the water tank.

Return the Activity Trailer and key to the Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (AFAC) at the reception desk during AFAC opening hours.

Bond deductions and/or invoices will be raised to recover all costs incurred as a result of hirer activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Damage to the trailer or equipment
  2. Additional cleaning costs
  3. Breach of Conditions of Hire
  4. Security or City of Armadale Staff call out
  5. Loss of keys
  6. False or misleading information given regarding the nature of the booking.

The bond will be returned to the hirer approximately 2 weeks after the date of the booking.


The City Motor Vehicle excess is $200. Should there be any damages exceeding this value and/or should the value of damages be less than the excess the City reserves the right to deduct the value of repairs from the bond amount.


All cancellations must be in writing, and notice of cancellation should be given as soon as possible.

Hirers’ responsibilities (Conditions of Hire)

The hirer agrees to be responsible for all equipment outlined in the equipment list.

All care must be taken to ensure equipment is not lost, stolen or damaged due to negligence.

The hirer must only use an extension cord or electrical equipment which carries a valid compliance tag, indicating the date it was tested and the name of the Licensed Electrical Contractor who tested the equipment.

The hirer will be responsible to ensure all equipment is returned in the manner in which it was borrowed and will be accountable for any replacement cost associated with loss or damage.

The Organisation indemnifies and shall keep indemnified the City of Armadale against all expenses, losses, damages and costs which the City  may sustain or incur as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of:

  • The Organisation's misuse, possession or unauthorised use of the Activity Trailer and equipment
  • Any loss of or damage to any property or injury to or death of any person caused by any negligent act or omission or wilful misconduct of the Organisation or any of the officers or employees of the Organisation.

The Organisation acknowledges and agrees that:

  • The trailer and equipment is hired as is
  • No warranty or representation has been given or made to the Organisation by the Councils as to the suitability of the trailer and equipment for the hirer’s event.

Important Considerations:

Please note the following before deciding to hire the Activity Trailer:

You must be available to collect and return the Activity Trailer during AFAC opening hours.

You must pay a $200.00 bond before hiring.

You must use a vehicle suitable to tow the trailer and be confident to do so.

You must provide your own cooking and cleaning equipment. You must use your own gas bottle.

You are responsible for damage caused while the trailer is in your possession. The City has limited insurance for damage. Should the trailer be involved in an accident, the City has insurance but your own vehicle is not covered.

If you wish to hold your event on a City of Armadale reserve, you will need to complete a Casual Reserve booking, which can be found here.

If you plan to serve food (even for no cost), please ensure you complete the Application for Temporary Stallholders Permit at least seven days before the event. This can be found here.

Page Last Reviewed 22 July 2024