Food Businesses
Information on requirements starting a new food business, food safety and health inspection, food stalls and sausage sizzle food safety requirements.

Food business requirements

In Australia there are on average 5.4 million cases of food poisoning a year (including 120 deaths). Norovirus, E. coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella are the most common food poisoning agents in Australia. The City takes food safety very seriously, all food businesses within the City of Armadale are routinely inspected by the City’s Health Officers to monitor compliance with the relevant legislation. A breach of the food safety requirements under the Food Act 2008 can result in enforcement action including a penalty of $50,000 for an individual and/or $250,000 for a company.
A food business is a business or activity that involves the handling of food (intended for sale) or the sale of food. This even includes:

  • Any food given away for promotional purposes 
  • Commercial, charitable or community nature activities 
  • Activities occurring once only or regularly 
  • Permanent or mobile food businesses 
  • Food businesses operating from a home kitchen. 

Starting a food business

All food businesses must comply with the Food Act 2008 and the Food Standards Code.  To ensure your proposed food business will meet these requirements you must follow the below steps:

1. Approval of kitchen floor plans

Prior to the construction or alteration of the premises, complete the Application to Construct or Alter a Food Premises form. Consider the requirements of the Australian Standard for Construction and fit out of food premises (AS4674: 2004) before lodging an application. Approval must be granted prior to fit-out. Fees apply.

Note: this step is only for businesses constructing or modifying a premise.

2. Requirement to register the food business with the City 

As required under the Food Act 2008 the business must be registered with the local council where the business is based. Complete the Food Business Notification/Registration Form. Fees apply.

Note: once your form is submitted, the City may contact you requiring further information. 

3. Required health inspection 

Before the Food Business is registered under the Food Act 2008, your local Environmental Health Officer will need to conduct a health inspection at the proposed business location.  
If the above process is followed and the business is deemed to comply with the Food Act 2008 / Food Standards Code then a Food Business Registration Certificate will be issued. 
Relevant information sheets can be found below: 

  • Information required with an application to construct or alter a food premises 
  • Food premises guidelines
  • Operating a food business from a home kitchen.

For fees and pricing details refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Food business from home

If you are intending to operate your food business from home, the above information in Starting a Food Business applies. However, there are certain exemptions for the required fit-out standard of the kitchen if only low risk foods are being prepared; jams, baked good and other shelf stable food products fall under this exemption. See the operating a Food Business from a home kitchen information sheet. 

Change of ownership/business activities

Proprietors must notify the City in writing of any changes to their food business, this includes:

  • Change of ownership or contact details, by submitting a completed Food Business Notification/Registration Form
  • Closure of business
  • Change of food business activities.

The penalty for not providing this information is $20,000 for an individual or $100,000 for a company (as per s.113 of the Food Act 2008).  
Proprietors or settlement agents can request a written report for the food business prior to handover. Send a request in writing to the City.
For fees and pricing details refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Temporary food stalls and sausage sizzles

Any person intending to set up a temporary food stall or a sausage sizzle within the City will need to complete and submit the following application form to the City:

  • Application for a temporary food stall
  • Definition of a food business and sale of food
  • For fees and pricing details refer to the Schedule of fees and charges.

Food safety and training

All staff working in a food business must have adequate knowledge of basic food safety and food hygiene. To assist in this the City provides free online food safety training
See below some external website information on basic food safety topics and requirements:

 Please contact us if you require further information. 

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