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There is growing evidence that neighbourhood connection can provide a sense of belonging, reduce isolation, increase safety and offer community support.

Growing our Neighbourhoods

There is growing evidence that neighbourhood connection can provide a sense of belonging, reduce isolation, increase safety and offer community support. But how do we find connection in an age of disconnect? Many households juggle multiple commitments leaving little time for social connection. Current home designs limit human interaction and children are often kept behind closed doors. We lack the close-knit feeling of 10-20 years ago, contributing to feelings of isolation, unrest and insecurity.

The City of Armadale is committed to working with residents and local community groups in fostering connection and community pride. 

From early 2021, the team will roll out a number of initiatives that will assist residents in getting to know each other and explore their own neighbourhood. ‘Growing our Neighbourhoods’ will provide a universal, community capacity building approach to improve neighbourhood connections and nurture safe communities.

Meet Your Street BBQs

The Community Development Team will be hosting quarterly ‘Meet Your Street’ BBQ’s with the City’s new Community Trailer. Check out the City’s Facebook Page for dates, locations and times of events. These will be hosted in alternate months to Armadale Neighbourhood Watch's ‘Street Meet and Greets’.

Know your Neighbour Workshops

The City of Armadale Community Development Team hosted ‘Know your Neighbour’ Workshops in February 2021.  These workshops were facilitated by Neighbourhood Connect Inc., a national not-for-profit community organisation helping people connect and strengthening community.

Neighbourhood Connect Inc. has a range of ideas on their website

‘things to do’


Additional workshops will be planned for the future, meanwhile download the City’s Know your Neighbour Toolkit  including invite template, help card, tip sheet and fact sheet to assist you in planning your neighbourhood gathering or offer ideas on connecting with your neighbours.

Good Neighbour Tip Sheet

Good Neighbour Fact Sheet

Growing Our Neighbourhood Invitation Template

Growing Our Neighbourhood Happy to Help cards

Neighbour Day

Relationships Australia, ‘home’ of Neighbour Day, describe the day as “Australia’s annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with their neighbours.”

Neighbour Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday in March each year and will be celebrated on 28 March in 2021. The City would like residents to celebrate Neighbour Day every day and always think of how you can connect with and support your neighbours.

For more information visit

Neighbourhood Safety

The City of Armadale has tips on keeping your home safe (Home Safety and Security, but how can you become an advocate for street and neighbourhood safety?

The first step is to get to know your neighbours!

  • Spend time outdoors in your neighbourhood and get connected with your community
  • Let you neighbours know when you are heading out of town
  • Join your local Neighbourhood Watch or Community Group to know what is happening
  • Teach your children street and self-safety 
  • Maintain the appearance of your front yard
  • Close your blinds at night
  • Increase eyes on the street for passive surveillance (utilise your front yard and remove any obstacles that could be used to hide)
  • If you see something suspicious happening in your street, report it! Call Police on 131 444

Community Activity Trailer

Did you know the City has a community activity trailer that's available to activate your community and is free of charge for community groups and not for profits?  The trailer has a built in BBQ and fridge, and contains a full suite of equipment needed to run a small community event.  Groups can use this trailer to run fundraisers or simply host events in the community.

The trailer is free, all you are required to do is fill out a booking application form and pay a returnable bond.  You do not need a 4WD to borrow this, the trailer has been designed to be towed by the average family vehicle and will just need a tow bar!

For more information on this project, please visit the webpage here.

Security Incentive Scheme

The City of Armadale's Security Incentive Scheme offers rebates to help residents improve the level of security within their home by installing security devices. Rebates up to the value of $200 (or $250 for approved concession card holders) are available for the following home security devices:

  • Home intruder alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Keyed window locks
  • Security sensor lights
  • Security screen doors
  • Security window screens

To take advantage of the Security Incentive Scheme, a copy of the invoice and receipt for full payment of the installed security item/s, undertaken by a registered business. For any application to be considered for a rebate, the receipt must be from a registered business with a Security Agent License and a proof of address within the City of Armadale is required.

For more information on this project, please visit the webpage here.

There are many simple changes you can make to reduce the risk of crime in and around your community.

Page Last Reviewed 5 May 2021