There are many simple changes you can make to lessen the risk of crime in and around your community.

When you are home

 Some general home security tips to be aware of include:

  •  Ensure doors and windows are locked at all times
  •  Make sure your house and street number are clearly visible from the street
  •  Empty your letterbox regularly and make sure it is secured
  •  Lock all gates, garage doors and sheds when not in use
  •  Install a monitored alarm system and/or security light to deter intruders
  •  Ensure doors and windows are fitted with security screens
  •  Avoid hiding a set of house or car keys outside of your home
  •  Engrave and photograph your valuables in case of theft
  •  Record serial numbers of valuables
  •  Get to know your neighbours
  •  Become a member of Neighbourhood Watch.

When you are away

If you are going away:

  •  Inform your neighbours and get them to keep watch of your property
  •  Arrange for someone to collect your mail regularly
  •  Leave a spare set of keys with a friend or family member
  •  Cancel any regular deliveries such as newspapers
  •  Set timers for your TV and lights to switch on and off at regular times
  •  Before you leave ensure all windows and doors are secure.

Engravers for hire

Engraving your valuables will assist police in the identification of stolen goods so they can be returned. 

Residents are able to hire electronic engravers to identify their belongings free of charge from the City’s libraries.

Note, you must be a current library member to hire the equipment.

For more information call or visit one of the following libraries:

Armadale Library 
Telephone9394 5125
Armadale Central Shopping Centre
64/10 Orchard Avenue, Armadale

Kelmscott Library
Telephone9394 5810
Stargate Shopping Centre
2784 Albany Highway, Kelmscott

More information and contacts

Visit the 'Working together to fight crime' page to find out about programs and initiatives you can get involved in.

Emergency contacts

  • WA Police 131 444
  • Emergency 000
  • Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Page Last Reviewed 11 September 2019