What is demolition work?

Demolition work means the demolition or removal of a building.

Do I need a demolition permit?

A demolition permit is required prior to commencing any work. The following is applicable:

  • Freestanding class 10 buildings with an area of 40m2 or larger
  • Building(s) baited for rodents 7 days prior to demolition commencing
  • Notification utilities have been disconnected
  • Septic tanks must be decommissioned or removed. Notify the City’s Health Services 7 days prior to emptying or filling sewage treatment tanks.

Important note:

  • A licensed contractor is not required to demolish a single story dwelling.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos fibers pose a serious health hazard. Buildings constructed in areas developed before 1990 may contain asbestos. Safe removal of asbestos must be adhered to.

Important notes:

How to apply for a demolition permit

Minimum requirements for an application are:

For detailed information refer to the information sheet below.

Lodging your application

Once you have completed the application form it must be lodged with fee payment to the City, either in person or by post.

The City does not offer online submission for building applications. 

Application fees are provided below.

Site management requirements

See Building and construction site management (for information on requirements related to noise and site rubbish/refuse).

Page Last Reviewed 24 August 2023