Find out about parking around schools, school zones, parking signs, and Kiss and Drive.

There are 34 schools within the City’s boundaries which are patrolled weekly on a rotating roster.

Tips for parents

To ensure safety for the students, family and residents we ask you familiarise yourself with the following information:


  • Observe parking restrictions (read the signs)
  • Be aware
  • Always be aware of children
  • Walk or cycle to and from school
  • Use the crosswalk services at all times.

Do not

  • Block driveways
  • Park on footpaths
  • Obstruct Children’s Crossing
  • Get frustrated
  • Ignore speed limits around school
  • Ignore parking signs.

Speed signage

40km/hr school zones are in place around schools in the City of Armadale. Speed zones signs is the responsibility of Main Roads WA. 

Requests for additional signs or sign damage reports should be directed to them on 08 9323 4111 or 1800 800 009.

Area signage



No Stopping

You must not stop on a length of road to which a No Stopping sign applies.

No Parking

You may stop in a No Parking zone for a maximum of two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers. You must stay within 3 metres of your car at all times.

Parking Sign

Parking signs with specified time limits allow drivers to park their vehicles for a certain period of time.

Bus Zone

You must not stop or park in a bus zone. Parking in a bus zone puts lives at risk.

Kiss and Drive

Kiss and Drive areas allow parents to pick up and drop off children, usually close to the main school entrance. When using the Kiss and Drive, never leave your car unattended.   

The Kiss and Drives are run by the schools so please be courteous to your children’s teachers.

More Information and contact

For more information or if you have any questions please call the City on 08 9394 5000 or email

Alternatively, you can visit the Parking page.

Page Last Reviewed 17 September 2019