Find out about parking restrictions within the City of Armadale and how to appeal an infringement.

There are parking restrictions within the City of Armadale.

The City’s Rangers regularly patrol to ensure all residents and visitors obey the City’s Parking and parking facilities local law.

Footpaths and pedestrian crossings

Vehicles must not park on or over any footpath or pedestrian crossing.

Parking on verges

Not allowed on any portion of the verge, without the consent of the owner or occupier.

This does not apply to commercial vehicles being loaded or unloaded for reasonable purposes for a period of less than three hours, provided no obstruction is caused to any vehicle or person using a carriageway or path.

Parking time limits

Parking stations and some streets have sign posted time limits.

A vehicle must leave the area after the time limit and not return before a two hour period has elapsed. Moving a vehicle within the same parking area or facility to avoid time detection is an offence.

When parking with no time limits, vehicles must not stay in excess of 24 hours without approval from the City (otherwise they may be deemed as abandoned).

ACROD parking signs

These bays are for people with disabilities and issued with an ACROD permit, which must be current and fully visible. ACROD permit holders are given twice the amount of time shown on the sign.

No stopping signs

Vehicles must not stop in these areas unless required by an authorised person or traffic control device.

No parking signs

Vehicles may stop to immediately pick up or drop off goods or persons. The driver must not move away from the vehicle any more than 3 metres and must not stay in the no parking area for more than two minutes.

Loading zone signs

You cannot stop a vehicle in a loading zone unless it is used for commercial or trade purposes in the continuous collection or delivery of goods, or taking longer than the time indicated on the loading zone sign or 30 minutes (if no time is indicated) to drop off or collect passengers.

Stopping at carriageways or intersecting roads

Vehicles are not to stop within 10 metres of the carriageway at an intersecting road unless required to do so by an authorising person.

Facing oncoming traffic

Vehicles must park facing the same direction as the traffic flow.

No stopping – pedestrian crossings, bus stop, or railway crossing

Pedestrian vehicles are not to stop within 18 metres of these locations unless required to do so by an authorised person or traffic control device.

No stopping – departure side of a pedestrian crossing, bus stop, or railway crossing

Vehicles are not to stop within 9 metres at the above locations unless required to do so by an authorised person or traffic control device.

Parking within marked bays

Vehicles must park within a marked bay. Where the vehicle or trailer is longer than the bay, it must be parked in no more than two bays.

Display vehicle for sale, or to effect repairs

Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on a street or parking facility if the vehicle is exposed for sale, or for the purpose of effecting repairs to it (other than the minimum repairs necessary to enable the vehicle to be safely moved).

Parking of commercial vehicles on roadway

'Commercial vehicle' means a motor vehicle constructed for the conveyance of goods or merchandise, or for the conveyance of materials used in any trade, business, industry or work whatsoever, other than a motor vehicle for the conveyance of passengers, and includes any motor vehicle that is designed primarily for the carriage of persons, but which has been fitted or adapted for the conveyance of the goods, merchandise or materials referred to, and is in fact used for that purpose.

Stopping on a carriageway – heavy and long vehicles

A person shall not park a vehicle or any combination of vehicles, that, together with any projection on, or load carried by, the vehicle or combination of vehicles, is 7.5 metres or more in length or exceeds a GVM of 4.5 tonnes:

  1. On a carriageway in a built-up area, for any period exceeding one hour, unless engaged in the picking up or setting down of goods
  2. On a carriageway outside a built-up area, except on the shoulder of the carriageway, or in a truck bay or other area set aside for the parking of goods vehicles
  3. Nothing in this clause mitigates the limitations or condition imposed by any other clause or by any local law or traffic sign relating to the parking or stopping of vehicles.

More information and contact

For more information or if you have any questions please call the City on 08 9394 5000 or email

Alternatively, please view the School parking page.

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