Noise that is unwanted or unpleasant may be considered pollution and can be a major problem in residential areas. The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 specify the permitted sound levels and what is deemed to be unreasonable noise.

The City’s Health Services can assist with enquiries about the following types of noise sources, and investigate complaints regarding:

The City’s Health Services cannot investigate noise associated with:

  • Aircraft, road or rail noise
  • Antisocial behaviour, hooning, swearing or similar domestic disturbances
  • Barking Dogs
  • Some types of community events
  • Loud parties

For antisocial behaviour, domestic disturbances, or noise disturbances occurring out of normal business hours, please contact the Police for advice and assistance on 131 444.

Neighbourhood Noise

Do you have a problem with noise in your neighbourhood?

Have you approached your neighbour to explain how the noise is affecting you?

Often your neighbours may not even realise that they are disturbing other residents. Negotiate with your neighbours and keep each other informed of any potentially noisy events such as parties.

If you feel that you cannot resolve the matter, or are uncomfortable approaching your neighbour and wish to have your complaint investigated by the City’s Health Services, please contact the City of Armadale. Alternatively you can complete and return a Noise Investigation Request.