The City's Town Planning Scheme No.4 (gazetted 4 November 2005) has been in operation for 17 years and will have been subject to over 100 Scheme amendment updates before it is replaced by a new scheme. In December 2021 Council adopted (D52/12/21) its latest 5 yearly report on the operation and functioning of TPS No.4 as required by Regulation 65 (1) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (Part 6).

Endorsed Scheme Review Report - City of Armadale Town Planning Scheme No. 4

Notice is hereby given that the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) considered the Review of the City of Armadale Town Planning Scheme No.4 Report (Scheme Review Report) under Regulation 67 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 and agrees with the recommendations of the report.

The Scheme Review Report was prepared in compliance with requirements of the Regulations 2015 which requires local governments to review their local planning schemes every five years. This, the second Scheme Review Report of TPS No.4, is 5 years after the previous review was completed in 2016.

The Scheme Review Report recommends the following:

  1. Preparation of a new Local Planning Strategy (LPS)  in accordance with the WAPC's Local Planning Strategy Guidelines, October 2021 and the City's Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 and Corporate Business Plan 2021-2024, and revocation of the LPS 2016 upon approval of the new LPS; and,

  2. Preparation of a new TPS No.5 pursuant to Regulation 66(3) of the Regulations 2015 and revocation of the current TPS No.4 upon approval of TPS No.5.

New Local Planning Strategy 2024

The 2021 Scheme Review Report recommended that the City commence preparation of a draft new Local Planning Strategy 2024 and Bushfire Hazard Assessment that will be required to support the new LPS. Eventually the new Local Planning Strategy 2024 will supercede/replace the current Local Planning Strategy (2016). 

In October 2020, Council endorsed a community engagement strategy (D64/10/20) for the preparation of the new LPS and TPS and budget provision planning for these projects commenced in May 2020 (D31/5/20).

A competitive Tender process conducted in September - October 2021 resulted in leading planning consultancy Taylor Burrell Barnett being appointed as lead project consultant to prepare the City’s new Local Planning Strategy (LPS).

Extensive consultation has been undertaken in the preparation of a draft of the new LPS that will be advertised for public review/submissions. The next phase of consultation will involve all stakeholders including the wider community, elected members and Government agencies, major land owners and interest groups.

The City’s preliminary community engagement will involve setting the ‘Vision’ and ‘Values’ that will underpin the new LPS and ultimately drive the new updated TPS. A combination of pre-consultation with the Armadale community to inform the project, combined with more traditional ‘statutory’ based consultation inputs to draft documents will ensure extensive opportunities are available for the Armadale community and wider public to contribute to the outcomes.

Following Council’s adoption and Certification by the WAPC the draft new Local Planning Strategy will be advertised for public review and submissions.

Important Note: Both the LPS and new TPS require State Government approvals at several stages during the quarterly estimates provided in the program below and the staging progress is fully dependent on the State approvals being forthcoming.

Programme and Delivery of the New Local Planning Strategy 2024

(see Important Note above)

The preparation of the new Local Planning Strategy 2024 involves a number of stages:

Stage 1

Inception and Background Review – Councillor Workshop No. 1

Q1-Q2 2022

Stage 2

Community Engagement on proposed LPS Vision and Values

Q2 -Q4 2022

Stage 3

Preparation of draft Local Planning Strategy

Q1 -Q4 2023

Stage 4

Council consideration and referral to WAPC for Certification of Public Advertising and Submissions period
Q3 2023 - Q2 2024

Stage 5

Draft LPS modifications and WAPC approval to commence Public Review and Submissions period

Q2 -Q4 2024

Stage 6

Advertising of Public Review period and Council referral of LPS to WAPC for final approval and publication

 Q4 2024 -Q2 2025

Community Survey and Workshop Engagements

In May and June 2022 the City conducted a Community Survey - New Local Planning Strategy was followed by a series of Community Workshop Engagement Sessions held in July at several locations throughout the City to expand on the findings of the Community Survey and help shape the City’s future planning directions. Details of these activities are available from the City’s website (Council/Public notices/Out for comment - Notices section).

Community Open Days

The City held 4 Community Open Days (displays) at major shopping centres in September to provide the Armadale community with a further opportunity to identify planning directions, visions and values to inform the preparation of the draft new LPS. The Displays detailed the community's visions and aspirations for City growth and development previously identified through the online survey and at the July community workshops.

More information on the community open days is available on the City's public notice web page: and new issues or concerns can still be lodged up until COB on Friday 23 September.

Community Engagement Report

A ”Vision, Values and Objectives Community Engagement Report” was prepared by Taylor Burrell Barnett to consolidate and present the findings of the online community survey, the vision workshops and the community open days.

Next Steps

There will be further opportunities for the community’s continuing involvement and engagement through written submissions at the public review and comment stage in 2023 - 2024, which will be used to guide final modifications to Strategy for public release in 2024.

Preparation of a New Town Planning Scheme (TPS No.5)

In the December 2021 Scheme Review Report Council also resolved to begin preparation of a new Town Planning Scheme No.5 and associated Environmental Review Report that will be required to support advertising of the draft new Town Planning Scheme No.5 for public review and submissions. Eventually the new Town Planning Scheme No.5 will supercede/replace the Town Planning Scheme No.4 (2005).

Town Planning Scheme No.5 - Staging Programme

(see Important Note above)

Stage 1

State Government’s WAPC endorses Council’s Scheme Review Report (June 2022) and new Local Planning Strategy (June 2024)

Stage 2

City prepares TPS No.5 (Maps and Text) for Council endorsement (for consultation)

Q3 -Q4 2024 

Stage 3

State Government’s EPA assess environmental impacts of draft TPS No.5

Q4 2024 -Q2 2025

Stage 4

State Government’s WAPC endorses draft TPS No.5 for advertising

Q3 - Q4 2025 

Stage 5

City advertises TPS No.5 for public comment and submits final TPS No.5 and public submissions to WAPC

Q1 -Q2 2026

Stage 6

WAPC requires changes prior to endorsing final approval and City resubmits modified TPS No.5 to WAPC

Q4 2026 - Q2 2027 

Stage 7

WAPC recommends final approval to the Minister

Q2 -Q4 2027 

Final Gazetted TPS No.5 is in force and implemented through Council decisions

Q4 2027 - Q2 2028

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