Picture of green waste presented on verge

The City provides two green waste collections per calendar year. Note: Artificial turf is not a permitted verge treatment within the City's verge treatment guidelines. Consequently, the City and its contractors are not responsible for damage that may occur to artificial turf during bulk or green waste verge collections.

Green waste we collect:

Tree branches and shrub prunings

  • Maximum length 1.5 metres (5 feet)
  • Maximum diameter 150mm (6 inches)
  • Place cut ends towards the street.
  • Green waste must be loose - do not use: string, rope, rachet straps, tie downs, fishing line or wire

Lawn clippings, leaves and cuttings

  • Pile these with tree branches - please do not place in boxes or bags.

Alternatively lawn clippings, leaves and smaller cuttings are ideal for composting or can be placed in your general waste bin (not recycling bin) for disposal.

Green waste verge collection infographic

Items we do not collect:

  • Treated wood or sawn timber
  • General household rubbish or junk
  • Boxes
  • Green waste placed in boxes, plastic bags, chaff or hessian sacks
  • Green waste contaminated with rubbish, wire or plastic
  • Branches/limbs longer than 1.5 m (five feet)
  • Tree trunks, stumps or limbs larger than 150 mm (six inches) in diameter
  • Garden chemicals or gardening products such as pots, soils and reticulation
  • Artificial lawn
  • More than 6 cubic metres of green waste

Green Waste Collection Dates 2024

To find out your verge collection zone enter your address at the bottom of the page. 

1 10 June 2024 14 October 2024
2 3 June 2024 7 October 2024
3 6 May 2024 30 September 2024
4 22 April 2024 21 October 2024
5 29 April 2024 4 November 2024
6 18 March 2024 9 September 2024
7 1 April 2024 16 September 2024
8 15 April 2024 11 November 2024
9 8 April 2024 23 September 2024
10 17 June 2024 18 November 2024
11 17 June 2024 18 November 2024
12 24 June 2024 25 November 2024
13 24 June 2024 25 November 2024

Please Note: The dates in this table are subject to change, keep checking closer to your collection date for any updates. 

Collection dates will be published in the Waste and Recycling Guide 2024 (delivered to all households in December 2023). Copies are available in English, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam and Mandarin. If you have misplaced your guide, call Waste Services on 9394 5124.

Guidelines to ensure waste is collected

  • Have green waste out before your scheduled start date for your area. The contractor will only check the verge once and the collection will start from 7am on the Monday, continuing in the area until all green waste presented is collected.
  • If you are sharing a verge with a neighbour, notify the City before your collection starts.
  • Place waste on the verge one metre (1m) back from the kerb, taking care not to obstruct footpaths, bus shelters, line of sight or create a safety hazard.
  • Place items clear of vehicles, trees, water meters, fences, letterboxes, reticulation and sprinklers to allow collection without causing damage.
  • Make sure there is no more than 6 cubic metres of green waste. It must be loose and not secured with ties of any kind.
  • Excess waste will not be collected (waste over the size limit or volume limit).
  • Green waste can be placed out two weeks prior, however is best placed on the verge the weekend prior to your start date.

Arrange an alternative collection location

If you have no verge or live in a battleaxe block, unit, rear collection (laneway) or hills site and are the owner, complete the Nomination for alternative collection location form for the upcoming collection and send to Waste Services at info@armadale.wa.gov.au

Look up Your Verge Collection Zone

Look up your verge collection zone by starting to enter your house number and street name and wait for a drop down box to appear and select your address.

Handy hint: keep track of your recycling fortnight (Area) by marking this on your Waste and Recycling Guide.

The Waste and Recycling Guide is delivered to each household in December for the following calendar year. If you have not received a hard copy of the Waste and Recycling Guide contact Waste Services on 9394 5124.

What if my bin(s) have not been collected?

If you think that your bin has not been emptied please check your bin first as there are trucks that leave the lids closed once emptied. If there is waste in the bin then contact Waste Services on 9394 5124.

Make sure your bins are out by 6am to make sure they are emptied on your bin day.

Page Last Reviewed 14 May 2024