Green Waste Collection

Green Waste Collection

When will my green waste be collected?

Two green waste verge collections are provided for residential properties each year, generally in autumn and spring.

There is a limit of six cubic metres of green waste per property (approximately three 6 x 4 trailer loads). Anything over this limit will not be collected and remains the responsibility of the owner or resident. Any green waste over the collectable limit or items that do not qualify for collection must be removed from the verge immediately following the verge collection.

To allow residents in the hills to prepare their properties for the next bushfire season, green waste collections in the hills area are scheduled to finish close to summer.

Each household will be notified via a green flyer approximately 10 days prior to the commencement of the collection.

Provisional dates for the green waste collection are available for download - see Green Waste Collection dates. Ensure that you refer to your green waste flyer before placing green waste on your verge. Owners of rental properties should confirm that the green waste collection is running to schedule by contacting Waste Services on (08) 9394 5124 or email

To find out which zone you live in, go to Online Mapping and enter your address. The zone refers to verge collections. The Waste Collection Day field will list the waste collection day and zone of your property for verge collections.

Alternatively, you can download the Zone Map.

Note the following regarding green waste collection:

  • If green waste is placed out on the verge prior to receiving a green waste collection flyer a litter infringement will be issued.
  • You can start to put green waste on the verge once you receive your flyer, however it is best to leave it as close to collection start date as possible.
  • If you have not received your green waste flyer 10 days prior to the provisional date listed above you should check with Waste Services on (08) 9394 5124 to confirm your collection start date.
  • Maximum volumes and maximum sizes for diameter and length will be enforced.

Refer to the notes below if you are being approached by tree loppers prior to collection. Remember that you remain responsible for the presentation of the green waste on the verge, even if the work is undertaken by tree loppers.

Are there any items that will not be collected?

Items that will not be collected include:

  • Boxes containing anything other than green waste.
  • Green waste placed in plastic bags, chaff or hessian sacks.
  • Green waste contaminated with rubbish, wire or plastic.
  • Tree trunks/stumps or limbs larger than 150 mm (six inches) in diameter.
  • Branches/limbs longer than 1.5 m (five feet).
  • Garden chemicals or gardening products such as pots, soils and reticulation.
  • General household rubbish or junk.
  • Treated wood or sawn timber.

How do I ensure my green waste is collected?

You can ensure your green waste is collected by:

  • Keeping trimmed tree branches to a maximum of 1.5 m (five feet) or a diameter of 150 mm (six inches).
  • Placing branches in neat piles with cut ends towards the street.
  • Placing lawn clippings, leaves and cuttings in cardboard boxes clearly marked with your property address. Do not use plastic bags.
  • Keeping the volume within the six cubic metre limit.

The diagram below illustrates how your green waste should be set out.

Ensure that you do not obstruct the footpath and keep green waste clear of sprinkler systems, utility metres, vehicles, fences and other obstructions. The green waste should not interrupt your normal bin service.

My property is large – what should I do with all the green waste?

Green waste can be managed in a number of ways. Utilising the two green waste verge collections, burning permits, using the tip passes attached to your rates notice and utilising home composting systems. As every household currently pays the same rubbish rate, irrespective of the property size, green waste over the volume limit remains the responsibility of the property owner or resident.

What if I have no verge?

If you live in a battleaxe block, unit, rear collection (laneway) or hills site and are the owner, please complete the Nomination for Alternative Collection Location Form. If you require further information, contact Waste Services on 9394 5124. You must register for each verge collection.

I have been approached by a tree lopper – what should I do?

The City is aware that there are tree loppers who approach residents prior to the green waste collection. The City does not endorse any tree loppers or have any special arrangements with any tree lopping contractor during the time of the green waste collection.

To ensure that you choose a reputable contractor, the City suggests you request the following:

  • Written quotation with ABN and all contact details, including business address.
  • Separate price for the removal off site and the proper disposal at a registered facility (landfill or composting) in your quotation.
  • Always obtain more than one quote to ensure that you are quoted a fair price.
  • Inform your contractor about your requirement for a tax invoice before accepting any quotation and the start of any work.
  • Ask and receive a tax invoice before handing over any payment to the contractor.

Tax invoices must include enough information to clearly determine the following details:

  • That the document is intended to be a tax invoice.
  • The service provider’s identity (if given a name only, write down the driver’s license details).
  • The service provider’s Australian business number (ABN).
  • The date the invoice was issued.
  • A brief description of the items, including the quantity (if applicable) and the price.
  • The GST amount (if any) payable on each item of the invoice.

Should you get a contractor to undertake the works during the green waste collection on your behalf, all green waste presented on the verge must be to the specifications outlined above that refers to volume, length and diameter.

If you are concerned about tree loppers approaching you, contact Waste Services on (08) 9394 5124.