e-Rates - it's easy

e-Rates - it's easy

Would you like to receive your rates notice more conveniently in an electronic form? Then register for e-Rates – it’s easy!

By choosing e-Rates you will receive the benefits of receiving your rates more efficiently and quickly directly to your personal electronic mailbox. By choosing e-Rates you will be assisting the environment by reducing the impact on trees, plastic, water, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste which is all part of paper, envelope, printer cartridge and stamp production.

Register for e-Rates and you’ll receive your rate notices, final notice and instalment reminder notices via email. All other correspondence will continue to be posted to the postal address we have on file for the assessment.

To register, you must have your rates assessment number which can be found on the top right of any previously issued Rates notice. Click here to register.

Should you wish to know more about e-Rates or experience difficulties registering please contact us directly on (08) 9394 5788 or info@armadale.wa.gov.au.

e-Rates terms and conditions

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