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Find out about electors' meetings. Access to agendas and minutes of past annual electors' general meetings and special electors' meetings is provided.

Types of electors' meetings

There are two types of electors' meetings:

  1. Annual general meetings
  2. Special meetings, which may be called at any time to cover a specific issue.

Each elector who is present is entitled to vote on matters to be decided, but does not have to vote.

The decisions made at an electors' meeting are to be considered at the next meeting of Council. If this is impracticable, the decisions are to be considered at the subsequent meeting or at a special meeting of Council.

Annual general electors' meetings

A general meeting of electors must be held each financial year after the local government accepts the annual report.

Matters to be discussed at the general electors' meeting are firstly, the contents of the annual report for the previous financial year and then any other general business.

Special electors' meetings

Special electors' meetings may be convened at the written request of five percent or at least 100 of the electors of a district (whichever is the lesser number), or by at least one third of the Council members.

Special meetings are restricted to discussion of a particular matter, the details of which must be included in any notice of the meeting.

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