Reasons to invest in Armadale

Armadale is changing. Over the last decade Armadale has transformed into a vibrant place to live, work and invest.

At current growth rates, 14 people per week move to Armadale and the City is the third fastest growing in the State (17th in Australia).

In the last five years there has been over $2 billion worth of investment in the City. 

Rapidly growing population

The population growth of Armadale has exceeded state and national growth for almost 10 years.  It is the 3rd fastest growing LGA in WA, and the 17th fastest in Australia. This has attracted both public and private investment into the region, resulting in improved amenities and infrastructure. Growth is predicted to continue for at least another 20 years. The population is expected to increase to 152,000 by 2041. 

Strategic Metropolitan Centre

The Armadale city centre is a designated strategic metropolitan centre in the state government’s metropolitan plan Directions 2031 and beyond. The City is focused on unlocking the full potential in the city centre, to provide a diversity of land uses and employment opportunities. This provides an abundance of opportunities when it comes to investing in Armadale.

Strong transport linkages

Less than 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, the Domestic and International Airports and major shipping ports of Fremantle and Kwinana, the Armadale City Centre is conveniently located at the crossroads of the Albany and South Western Highways and Armadale Road. It is easily accessible by major transport infrastructure including road and rail networks.

Accessible and affordable commercial, residential and industrial land 

The City of Armadale is a very affordable place to conduct business or establish a home. Unlike other areas which have run out of commercial and industrial land, limiting the ability of local businesses to expand and for new investment to take place, Armadale has a diverse range of land offerings available for residential and industrial development. Median housing prices in Armadale are well below the Greater Perth average, providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds who want to purchase affordable property close to Perth CBD.

Diverse workforce

The City of Armadale has a diverse workforce. Key employment industries include Health Care, Retail, Education and Construction. Armadale’s position as the strategic metropolitan centre for the south east region gives it a competitive advantage, as its role is also to be a primary employment centre. The changing demographics of Armadale have seen people from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and life stages move into the community.

Semi-rural hills lifestyle

As a modern city centre surrounded by scenic parks, hills and picturesque valleys, the City takes pride in its cultural heritage and unique community feel. The City’s semi-rural hills lifestyle is appealing to many. It provides an important pillar of investment attraction, with attracting a greater diversity of professional workers and businesses to the area.

Economic development strategy

The City’s Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022 is designed to provide clear direction for business growth and job generation and will guide sustainable growth throughout the City for many years to come. It is guided by its vision, to have a vibrant and sustainable economy that provides a diversity of jobs and investment opportunities. This vision builds on the City’s strengths and assets, and promotes the emerging opportunities for growth and development.

The Economic Development Framework focuses on three main objectives:

  1. Encourage infrastructure and investment 
  2. Promote and market Armadale
  3. Support businesses. 

The City plans to continue its ongoing evolution to be the preferred location to live, work and invest. 

Investment industry opportunities

Health care and social assistance  

With a rapidly growing population, comes increased demand for strong health care facilities. The City of Armadale has 211 businesses operating in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, employing over 3,700 people. These range from Hospitals to Medical Services, Residential Care Services and Child Care Services.

The Health Care and Social Assistance industry in the City of Armadale generated $388 million of output in 2017/18. 

Strategic advantages:

  • Established hospital, servicing the south east regional areas
  • Workforce with residents predominantly work in the health care and social assistance industry 
  • Large number of young adults and families moving into the region, requiring access to health care services - the population of those aged 25 to 49 has increased by 37% in the last five years
  • Ageing in place cohort, requiring medical care and facilities – in the last five years the population of those aged 60 and over has increased by 25%. 

Education and Training 

As more families and children move into Armadale, there becomes an increasing demand for education and training. 

The Education and Training industry experienced some of the largest growth in employment over the last five years, with employment increasing by 74%. Over the same time period, the school aged population in Armadale increased by 23%.

The Education and Training industry in the City of Armadale generated $302 million of output in 2017/18.

Strategic advantages:

  • Growing population of children aged zero to eleven, with zero to four year olds estimated to become the largest age cohort by 2036, representing 8.3% of the population 
  • Over 12,000 primary and secondary students 
  • Number of primary and secondary educational facilities, including 24 primary schools and 12 high schools 
  • Over 4,000 tertiary students, which has increased by 44% since 2011, despite the City having no dedicated tertiary institution - indicating strong demand for a tertiary offering in the Armadale region. 


The Construction industry has been booming in recent years, with projects ranging from housing, to commercial developments, sporting facilities and schools. Fuelled by recent population growth, the Construction industry in the City of Armadale generated over $1,300 million of output in 2017/18, and has the largest number of registered Businesses in the City.

The City of Armadale has a number of new and growing suburbs, including Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Haynes and Hilbert, all of which are experiencing a high demand for residential housing.

Strategic advantages:

  • Rapidly increasing residential population 
  • Number of industrial parks with large and affordable tracts of industrial land 
  • Total building approvals for 2017-18 to the value of $341 million.

Page Last Reviewed 17 August 2020