Dust prevention and control

Dust and sand drift is a common issue during warmer months and with stronger winds. The increase in development throughout the City has also contributed to dust issues. Under the City’s Local Law it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the land to ensure sand or dust escapes do not cause a nuisance to the surrounding community. As this mainly occurs during development of land, developers are required to submit a Dust Management Plan to demonstrate how dust will be managed during the development.

Good dust suppression practices include:

  • Limiting cleared areas by retaining vegetation on site to stabilise top soil cover
  • Scheduling developments or planned works so that they can be carried out at a time of year that will reduce dust emissions and its impact
  • Having appropriate physical barriers to significantly help control dust over short distances
  • Watering soil piles or large cleared land areas, as an effective short term practice that can suppress the soil particles ability to become airborne
  • Use of hydro-mulch, which is extremely effective in suppression of materials after earthworks where no access by pedestrians or vehicles is possible

Lodge a formal complaint

Do you have concerns about dust or sand drift in your neighbourhood? The City recommends you first approach the person causing the issue to explain how it is affecting you. Often they may not realise that they are disturbing other residents. 

If this is not possible or if you wish to have your complaint formally investigated by City, please complete and return the form below.

If you have an enquiry regarding dust or sand drift, please contact us.

Page Last Reviewed 14 December 2023