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Air Particulate Monitoring Station

The City of Armadale in collaboration with state agencies has installed an air monitoring station to monitor air particles as well as meteorological parameters such as wind, speed and direction

Data from our air monitoring team suggests air quality across the Perth Metropolitan area may have improved as a result of COVID-19. Comparing levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) at three locations from March to July over the past five years, there was a noticeable reduction this year, which coincides with the reduction in all forms of travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to air quality information is available from Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's Website

Lodge a formal complaint

Do you have a concern about dust, sand drift, wood smoke, odours or fumes in your neighbourhood? The City recommends you first approach the person causing the issue to explain how it is affecting you. Often they may not realise that they are disturbing other residents. 

If you wish to have your complaint formally investigated by City, please complete and return the form below.

Dust and sand drift

Dust and sand drift is a common issue during warmer months and with stronger winds. The increase in development throughout the City has also contributed to dust issues. Developers are required to submit Dust Management Plans to demonstrate how dust will be managed.

Odours and fumes

Odours and fumes can be caused by various industrial, commercial or residential activities. Under the City’s Local Laws it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the land or premises to prevent the escape of smoke, fumes, odours and dust. Escape of smoke, fumes, odours or dust from a property must not be of such a quantity or nature as to cause a nuisance to any person.

Wood heaters

Wood heaters are a great source of heating, however it is important to use them correctly in order to keep smoke emissions to a minimum.

A correctly operated wood heater produces more heat and less smoke than a wood heater that is not operated correctly.

Is your chimney operating correctly?

Correct operation

If your wood heater is operating correctly your chimney will emit little or no smoke.

Ensure the:

  • Air intake is open to allow sufficient oxygen
  • Firebox is stacked correctly
  • Wood is dry.

Note, your chimney should smoke for no more than 5-10 minutes after lighting or refuelling.

Incorrect operation

If your chimney is smoky there is something wrong. 

Possible issues include:

  • The air intake is closed down
  • There is not enough kindling
  • The firewood is green
  • The firebox is too full
  • The wood is chemically treated or painted.

More information

For more information on wood heaters and your health and troubleshooting chimney issues, visit the Department of Water and Environment Regulations' BurnWise website.

If you have an enquiry regarding dust or sand drift, wood smoke, odours or fumes please contact us.

Page Last Reviewed 1 June 2022