Business licence finder

The Small Business Development Corporation provides a free online Business licence finder to discover the licences and permits you may need for your business. 

As a minimum, most businesses will need to apply for an Australian business number or register a business name. However there may be other licences that are unique to a particular business activity or location, and may include: disposal of trade waste, storing and preparing food, or running a business from home. 

This free to use Business licence finder from the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) can help you identify which licences, permits etc. you need when starting or operating your business, plus any codes of practice you may be required to comply with. Penalties may apply if you operate without them.

Once you’ve gone through the license finder process, you will receive a report pack that includes:

  • List of the licences, permits and codes of practice required for your business
  • Details of the agency that administers the licence
  • Details of licence fees and periods of cover.

City of Armadale business related permits and approvals

Please refer to the 'Business licences and permits' section for information on:

  • Child care premises and family daycare
  • Commercial vehicle parking
  • Food businesses
  • Home office, occupation or business
  • Liquor licensing
  • Motor vehicle repair businesses
  • Signs and advertisements.

See also: Building permit applications

Page Last Reviewed 23 August 2023