Young People

The City is dedicated to providing young people with a range of opportunities to contribute and participate in their community. 


Armadale Youth Advisory Council

The Armadale Youth Advisory Council (AYAC) is made up of young people aged 12-25 years with a passion for making Armadale a great place for young people to live.

The AYAC meet fortnightly beginning Monday 11 March 2024 at the Armadale Library Podcast Room 4.00pm - 5.30pm.

Young people interested in applying to be part of the Armadale Youth Advisory Council reach out to or in person at the City of Armadale Administration Building. Membership is currently open for 1 year or until 26 years of age. Your information will be kept confidential.


Whereabouts Skateboarding Clinics

Whereabouts Skateboarding Clinics

Join Whereabouts Skateboarding at locations across Armadale, Roleystone and Brookdale for some jam sessions and general meet ups!






15 September 2023

4pm – 6pm

Roleystone Skate Park


30 September 203

4pm – 6pm

Roleystone Skate Park

Jam session

4 November 2023

4pm – 6pm

Armadale Skate Park

Jam session

16 November 2023

4pm – 6pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park


16 December 2023

3pm – 6pm

Roleystone Skate Park

General Clinic

12 January 2024

3:30pm – 7:30pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park


25 January 2024

4pm – 6pm

Roleystone Skate Park


17 February 2024

4pm – 6pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park

LGBTQIA+ clinic

14 March 2024

4pm - 6pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park


15 March 2024

5pm – 7pm

Armadale Skate Park

Filming session

18 April 2024


Gwynne Park Skate Park


2 May 2024

4pm - 6pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park


18 May 2024

4pm – 7pm

Gwynne Park Skate Park

Jam session


Karlup Wheels in Motion Indigenous Corporation (KWIMIC)

Keep an eye out for KWIMIC’s Wheels for Generational Wellness at Flematti Pump Track, Gwynne Park Skate Park and John Dunn Challenge Park. They will be at one of those locations on Thursday or Saturday starting 21 September 2023

Gwynne Park Skate Park Project

Gwynne Park Stake Park

The Gwynne Park Skate Park is a new facility that was opened in 2021. At the time of the opening, a temporary art decal was installed. The City worked in partnership with Creative Soul Sessions and nine local young people to design the new art work for the Gwynne Park Skate Park. The nine young people attended two co-design sessions and a practical painting skills session before Creative Soul Sessions unveiled their draft concept design. The artist and young people then worked together to install the art work.

Skate Parks, BMX and Scooter

The City has a variety of skate facilities to choose from.

Armadale Youth Activity Area (YAA) & Armadale Skate Park

The City's Youth Activity Area (YAA) on Orchard Avenue is always a hive of activity and entertainment, with many young people travelling from all over the region to try out the modern street-real features of the park. Features include a skate plaza with tacos, ledges and banks, a freedom 'moon' for BMX, video wall and sound system.

Armadale YAA and skate park is located at 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale.

Roleystone Skate Park

The Roleystone Skate Park provides local young people with a space for social interaction and physical activity. The facility also caters for the wider community through the creation of a welcoming and accessible community space. Scooter, BMX and skateboarding continue to be popular activities and young people now have a fun and safe venue to showcase their talent. Park features include a high quality riding facility featuring plazas, transitions, banks, hubbas, ledges and public seating.

The skate park is located at Wygonda Road, Roleystone.

Forrestdale Skate Park

The area is a fantastic hub for young people. Park features include grind rails, quarter pipe, jump box, grindbox and bank ramps.

The skate park is located at the corner Weld Street and Armadale Road, Forrestdale.

Armadale Half Pipe

The half pipe is located at Reg Williams Reserve, Numulgi Street, Armadale.

Gwynne Park Skate Park

The long awaited update to the skate park on the corner for Townley and Forrest created an all ages, all abilities youth space. Following extensive community engagement, this project included nine of the top ten most frequently requested street and transition elements.

Features at this skate park include:

  • Elevated platform
  • Bowl, quarter pipe  with alternate starting points
  • Out-ledge, out rail, three stair, hubba ledge and slappy bank, mellow banks.
  • A-frame hip with rail, combo ledge/manual pad, flat rail.
  • Long quarter pipe with bank extension
  • Mini-ramp
  • Parkour course
  • Shade, BBQ, seating, drink fountain, lighting and toilet block

John Dunn Challenge Park

The park provides cycle based activities for a wide range of ages and abilities.


  • Pump tracks for beginner and advanced riders
  • Jump tracks for beginner, intermediate and advanced/extreme
  • Skills loop
  • Bike safety track
  • Bike playground
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Bike - minor maintenance kit
  • Site furniture
  • Public toilet
  • Signage

Police Rangers Program

The Cecil Andrews Police Rangers program is open to all young people 12-17 years old in the area.

We meet every Wednesday from 6 till 9 pm at Cecil Andrews Senior High School and do a variety of activities including:

  • Knots and navigation
  • Bush survival
  • Road awareness
  • Basic bike repairs
  • Cultural activities
  • Developing leadership skills
  • and more.

For more information contact the Unit Coordinator, Mr. Ben Boekholt on 0432 378 815 or by email.

Armadale Youth Network

The City facilitates and chairs a network with key stakeholders who work with young people in the Armadale area.

The purpose of the Armadale Youth Network (AYN) is to develop a shared knowledge of community service provision in the area, offer support, debrief and share ideas, discuss opportunities for partnerships and share information on upcoming projects and services.

The AYN aims to improve service delivery and outcomes for the youth in our community.

If you are an organisation that works with young people in our area and would like to receive more information or join the AYN, or if you would like to connect with any of the AYN members or find out about AYN initiatives, please contact us.

Youth Support Services

Download the 2019 Armadale Youth Network Service Guide for a list of services located within the City of Armadale (or immediate surrounds) and those offering services in Armadale. The guide includes contact details and a map.


Following are links to other support services available to young people.

Health and wellbeing related services

  • Beyond Blue: An avenue for you to find help when it feels like there is no where else to go and no one understands
  • Drug Aware: An information service that is for you and / or your family
  • Head Space: Information for young people on mental health
  • Hope Community Services: Hope Community Services provide a number of services for young people including counselling, street outreach and youth bail option programs
  • Kids Help Line: Confidential information and counselling line for young people
  • Lifeline: A 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services
  • Parkerville Children and Youth Care: Advocacy, counselling, young mums program, at risk youth and children accommodation, family therapy service, moving out moving on program
  • Sexual Health Quarters: A one stop shop for all family planning and sexual health needs and information
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre: A resource that understands you when no one else understands
  • The Freedom Centre: A confidential information and referral centre for LGBTIQ or otherwise gender or sexuality diverse young people 
  • Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia: The main body for anything to do with youth affairs and young people

Accommodation related services

  • Armadale Youth Accommodation Service: Armadale Youth Accommodation Service is a short term crisis accommodation service for young people between the ages of 15 and 20 years. Armadale Youth Accommodation Services can accommodate males and females for a period of up to 3 months.

Career related services

  • Pay Checker: Get information on wages, salaries and conditions on all levels.

Transport related services

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