The City of Armadale falls within the wider Upper Canning Southern River Wungong catchment. The catchment comprises two major rivers, the Wungong and Canning Rivers, both of which are tributaries to the larger Swan River Estuary.

Land along the Canning River is of mixed, fragmented ownership. Where the City has care and responsibility of the foreshore, rehabilitation activities continue to be prioritised. Historically, the delivery of river foreshore rehabilitation activities on City land have been in partnership with the Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group (AGLG) e.g. Fancote Reserve. It's anticipated that with the onset of development, more areas of the Canning River foreshore will be managed by the City.

The City is also responsible for the management of a significant portion of the Wungong River foreshore, specifically the area between Armadale Road and Champion Lakes, equating to approximately 4km. A concept plan has been prepared and approved by Council for a 'Wungong River Project'. The concept plan has been developed to guide the City and adjacent developers on the location of infrastructure and environmental rehabilitation activities. The Plan features a trail, enabling pedestrian and cyclist use in a natural riverside setting. Delivery of the project will necessitate partnerships between the City, AGLG and adjacent developers.


The City of Armadale is home to a number of wetlands, many of which are recognised by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (the DBCA) via a statewide classification system.

The system, commonly referred to as the Geomorphic Wetland Classification System, assigns one of three categories of environmental significance to wetlands.

The categories, in ascending level of importance, are:

  • Multiple use wetlands
  • Resource enhancement wetlands
  • Conservation category wetlands

Presently, the majority of wetlands within the City remain in private ownership. As part of the development process, management of once privately owned wetlands may be transferred to the City (this is also the case for sections of river foreshore).

It is anticipated that the number of wetlands under the care and maintenance of the City will rise over the coming years as a result of ongoing development.

Page Last Reviewed 19 April 2023