What is a Valuation Extract?

A valuation extract details the information held by Landgate for individual properties in Western Australia. There are two separate valuation extracts available; one for Gross Rental Value (GRV) and one for Unimproved Value (UV).

These individual property reports contain valuation extracts from the official valuation rolls that are provided by the Valuer-General at Landgate to rating authorities, such local governments, water providers, Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) and Office of State Revenue.

What information will be in the Valuation Extract?

The following information will be included in the valuation extract:

  • Building details (where the information is known)
  • Land area
  • Certificate of Title number (volume and folio)
  • Land ID e.g. Lot 10 on Plan 11223
  • Local Government Authority
  • Latest 3 Gross Rental Values or Unimproved Values (depending on extract requested) with valuation dates and amounts.

No sales evidence, rental evidence or market data is included in the Valuation Extract. For other reports or products that can be ordered, search on the property address on the Landgate home page.

Please note, at times when Landgate may need to collate certain information manually, the summary you receive may vary in format.

Is there a cost to order a Valuation Extract?

Yes, a fee is charged by Landgate. 

You can order the extract by using the link below and it will be sent to the email address you provide in your order.


If you’d prefer you can order and personally collect a Valuation Extract from the Landgate office, please bring along photo identification so they can identify you as the property owner. If you are an agent acting on behalf of the property owner, they require a letter of authorisation signed by the property owner to act on their behalf.

What is needed to order a Valuation Extract?

You can only order a Valuation Extract if you are the property owner or acting on behalf of a property owner as an agent.

You will need the following information to order a valuation extract:

  • property street address
  • Certificate of Title number (volume and folio) or Lot on Plan number
  • email address (for extract to be sent to)
  • debit card or credit card details (for payment).


Can I get a certified copy of the Valuation Extract for legal purposes?

To obtain a certified copy of the Valuation Extract for legal purposes, visit the Landgate office and the Valuer-General (or delegated Landgate officer) will be able to arrange and certify a copy of the Valuation Extract for you.

A fee from Landgate will apply per certified copy of the Valuation Extract.

Can I get a Valuation Extract for a strata property?

Yes, you can. However, Section 62 (1) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 states that for the Unimproved Value (UV), the Valuer-General must value the whole of the land (as if the strata plan did not apply) as a single parcel of land. The Unimproved Valuation Extract will have information based on the whole of the land.

Where necessary, rating authorities will apportion the UV in proportion to the unit entitlement (shown on the registered strata plan) when calculating rates and taxes.

A Gross Rental Valuation Extract will have information detailed for the specific apportioned parcel of land and any buildings on it.

Does the Valuation Extract give you the information you need?

If the Valuation Extract does not provide all the information you are looking for, there are other Property Reports available from Landgate. These can be purchased online or by visiting the Landgate office.

For information on Valuer-General publications.

Page Last Reviewed 20 August 2021