Rate Notice Image

Understanding your rates notice

Sample Rate Notice

1. How are your rates calculated?

This is your rates levy, which is calculated by multiplying the rate in the dollar by the valuation (GRV set by the Valuer General at Landgate).

2. Domestic Rubbish charge

Pays for your:

  • Weekly general waste and fortnightly recycling bins collection
  • One waste verge collection
  • Two green waste verge collections
  • One booked mattress collection
  • Four (4) tip passes

3. Pool Inspecton fee

This covers the cost of regular safety compliance inspections.

4. Emergency Services Levy

This is a State Government charge, shown on all Council rate notices. ESL money levied is paid to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

5. Your total rates, fees and charges outstanding 

6. Your property assessment number

Required for when you register for e-Rates online.

7. This is your Gross Rental Value (GRV) as set by Landgate

8. This is your recycling area.

Page Last Reviewed 22 August 2023