Unauthorised building works

When seeking retrospective approval for building work, a registered Building Surveyor must be engaged to issue a Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18). 

The City may issue a Certificate of Building Compliance upon application and payment of the applicable fee. Contact the City on 9394 5000 for assistance.

Once a Certificate of Building Compliance has been issued; either apply for a Building Approval Certificate for residential buildings (Class 1 and Class 10 structures) or an Occupancy Permit  for commercial buildings (Class 2 - Class 9 buildings).

Refer to our detailed Information Sheets regarding the application process for retrospective approval of unauthorised work. 

An application form for unauthorised building works can be downloaded from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety website.

Building compliance inspections and complaints

The City of Armadale (the City), as a permit authority, must ensure buildings are constructed and occupied in accordance with the relevant permit and may prosecute for failure to obtain a permit where required.

The City's Building Compliance Officers may enter a property to inspect building work or reported compliance issues.

In cases of non-compliance, a Building Notice or Building Order may be issued. Where possible, the City will liaise with a property owner to achieve a solution and assist with obtaining compliance.

Compliance issues relating to the Building Act 2011 include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Non-compliance with an approved building or occupancy permit
  • Building work affecting a neighbouring property
  • Unauthorised building work
  • Dangerous, dilapidated or neglected buildings and structures
  • Uncontained builder's rubbish

If you wish to report a possible building compliance issue, please complete a Building Compliance Request form and email the completed form to info@armadale.wa.gov.au.

Please note, anonymous requests will only be investigated in exceptional circumstances.

More information and contact

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