Sewage and Effluent Disposal

Sewage and Effluent Disposal

The City's Health Department is responsible for the approval and inspection of on-site sewage and effluent disposal systems.

Please see the following links for more information on the different systems available, which are approved by the Department of Health.

To submit an application to install an effluent disposal system please complete the application form below, ensuring it meets all the requirements outlined in the guide to onsite effluent disposal applications, and submit along with payment to the City of Armadale.


The fee structure for an Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage is as follows:

Local Government Application Fee $118

Fee for grant of a permit to use an apparatus $118

If the application cannot be approved by the Local Government, for example if the system is being connect to structures other than dwellings, or dwellings with more than five bedrooms, it has to be referred to the Department of Health. The fees are:

With a local government report (payable direct to Department of Health) $61

Local government report fee (payable to the City of Armadale) $193

All fees are payable to the City or Health Department of Western Australia before an application will be processed. Processing of plans or approvals will not be undertaken if the fees are outstanding.

Non Refundable Fees: The application fee is non refundable.

Refundable Fees: The fee for inspection and issuing a Permit to Use an Apparatus is refundable if an application is cancelled or not proceeded with.