Renaming of Third Avenue, Kelmscott

Council resolved at its meeting on 28 February 2022 to advertise the proposal to rename and subsequently renumber the portion of Third Avenue, Kelmscott, between Railway Avenue and Slee Avenue.

The City invites the public to provide comment on:

  1. The possibility of utilising one of the following names proposed to Council:
    1. Barratt: Private Albert William Barratt served in the 28th Infantry Battalion.

    2. Durling: Private Victor Emanuel Durling served with 11th Infantry Battalion. While he was born in Kent, England in 1888, he called Kelmscott his home town.

    3. Farnham: Private Walter Raymond Farnham served in the 11th Infantry Battalion. He passed in 1922 aged 25 years old.

    4. Hare: Sergeant Maurice Francis Gustavis Hare served in the 7th Pioneer Battalion. He passed away in 1970.

  2. Possible suggestion of an alternative suitable road names.

    The following sources are recommended in Landgate’s Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia when proposing a new road name:

    • names from Aboriginal languages formerly identified with the general area
    • descriptive names appropriate to the features
    • names of pioneers who were relevant to the area
    • names of persons who died during war service
    • names associated with historical events connected with the area

    It should be noted that any name derived from an Aboriginal source must be local to the area and shall be endorsed by the recognised local community. Evidence of this endorsement must be included with the naming proposal.

    Road names submitted for approval shall not be, regardless of road type:

    • homonymous, for example similar in spelling to an existing road name
    • similar in sound to an existing road name
    • in the same locality as an existing road name
    • in an adjoining locality
    • in the same Australia Post postcode delivery area
    • less than 10km from the existing duplication in the metropolitan area

Should you require clarification then please contact Karen Colli on (08) 9394 5686 or via email at

Please download relevant documents:

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