Renaming of southern portion of Keane Road, Forrestdale

Council resolved at its meeting on 28 June 2021 to advertise the proposal to rename and subsequently renumber the southern portion of Keane Road, Forrestdale, between Armadale Road and Anstey Road.

Names that are suggested for consideration are:
• Forrestdale
• Fulton
• Gutenberg
• MacFarlane

Names that meet Landgate’s Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia criteria are sought from interested parties.

Please download relevant documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is being consulted on the proposal?

The potentially affected landowners, service providers and government agencies have been contacted for their feedback. 

Anyone interested in the proposal can provide feedback through making a submission by email or in hard-copy form.

How do I provide feedback?

If you wish to comment on the proposal, please complete the Submission Form.

A hardcopy of the Submission Form can also be obtained from the City’s Administration Building at 7 Orchard Avenue Armadale during business hours 8.15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday, or you may request a copy to be mailed or emailed.

You must lodge your submission with the City by the 20 August 2021. You can either post the Submission Form back to the City (Locked Bag 2, Armadale WA 6992), deliver it to the City’s Administration Building (7 Orchard Avenue Armadale) or email it to:

When does the submission period close?

The advertising period for this proposal closes at 5.00 pm on 20 August 2021.

Will the personal details on my submission be released to the public?

The City will not publish your name and address in the Council reports on the outcomes of the Public Review and Submissions Period. However, your full comments may be reproduced and published in planning reports. Note that a schedule of submissions, including the full details of submitters, are provided confidentially to Councillors however, this will not be made available to the public. 

Will I receive any further notifications on the proposal after I lodge my submission?

If you lodge a submission on this proposal the City will write to or email you once the City has made a decision on the proposal.

What happens next?

The City will summarise all submissions received from the public notified neighbours present these to Council for further deliberation.

Who can I contact for more information on this proposal?

For further information on proposed development please contact Karen Colli from Planning Services on 9394 5686 or email


Proposal considered by Council
Advertising to potentially affected landowners and public
Submissions close (20 August 2021 at 5.00pm)
Collate and consider submissions
Present submissions for Council consideration
Submit proposed road name to Landgate
New road name approved
New road signs installed

Page Last Reviewed 21 July 2021