What is an occupancy permit?

An occupancy permit is required before occupying a commercial building. An occupancy permit identifies the building's approved business use.

Do I need an occupancy permit?

An occupancy permit is required for the following situations: 

  • Occupying a new completed building
  • Temporarily occupying an incomplete building or part of a building
  • Temporarily modifying a current occupancy permit
  • Permanently changing the of use or class of a building
  • Strata or subdivision of a commercial lot
  • Unapproved building work
  • Replacing an occupancy permit.

How to apply for an occupancy permit

Minimum requirements for an application are:

For detailed information refer to the information sheet below.

Lodging your application

Once you have completed the application form it must be lodged with fee payment to the City, either in person or by post.

The City does not offer online submission for building applications. 

Application fees are provided below.

Page Last Reviewed 24 August 2023