Neerigen Brook Culvert Replacement

Key Facts

The Neerigen Brook Culvert built on Carradine Road, Armadale between Albany Highway and Angorra Road is due to be upgraded, as currently the culvert does not perform to handle the volume of water that passes through, underneath the road.

The headwalls to the culverts were constructed many years ago from sandbags with cement mortar between them. With persistent rains last year this mortar has been washed away, resulting in movement of the headwall. This has rendered it unable to adequately retain the soil behind it, allowing water ingress which will cause damage to the road and path network.

The project was initially identified under the asset renewal budget as a like-for-like replacement. However, after inspection by an external Civil Engineering Consultant, it was determined that the existing pipes are undersized and need upgrading with modern technology and materials, resulting in what is now a significant project.

The culvert is located at the direct exit of a major highway (Albany Highway), within very close proximity to Armadale Primary School, and at the trail head of local hiking trails. The works will cut off both major streets which carry local traffic to the main highway.



Key Dates

Expected date of commencement: 
December 2023
Expected date of completion: 
March 2024


Want to know more?

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Page Last Reviewed 30 April 2024