Requirements and exemptions

The Motor Vehicle Industry Board requires all motor repair businesses established after 1 July 2008 to include a planning certificate from local government, when submitting applications for a business licence. This is in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Repairs Act 2003.

The Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations exempt motor vehicle repair businesses operating before 1 July 2008 from providing a planning certificate with the application for a business licence.

Motor vehicle repair businesses within the City require approval and are to be carried out in accordance with the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 4.

This activity is restricted to Local Centre; District Centre; General Industry and Industrial Business areas. 

How to apply

The following information and details must be submitted:

  • Written request signed by the owner of the land and providing address and business details and proposed business licence
  • A non-refundable fee to cover investigation, inspection and processing costs equal to two hours research (see Schedule of Fees and Charges below).

The City may attach conditions or restrictions to any licence, and/or require an application for development approval if no valid approvals exist on the subject property.

Additional information may be required at the City’s discretion. 

Page Last Reviewed 24 January 2020