Armadale station

1830 - 1899

  • 1830 - The Township of Kelmscott was gazetted and declared to be at latitude 32 degrees 7'S and longitude 116 degrees 2'E. Initially the townsite served as a military outpost to protect the early settlers and explorers. The Canning River locality provided the early Settlers with fertile soils and a vital water supply.
  • 1851 - Work commenced on the Perth to Kelmscott Road.
  • 1853 - The original Narrogin Inn established at the corner of Albany Highway and South West Highway for travellers venturing southwards towards Albany. This establishment signalled the beginnings of the township of Armadale.
  • 1855 - First policeman in Kelmscott - Constable Cronin.
  • 1866 - The first saw mill was built by Thomas Buckingham at Roleystone.
  • 1871 - Road District Boards were formed by the Government.
  • 1871 - St Mary's Church in Kelmscott was built.
  • 1880s - Timber had become an important industry in Kelmscott and Roleystone with the milling of jarrah ('West Australian Mahogany'), Red Gum and Sheoak. This timber was used to construct railway sleepers, the first bridge over the Swan River, the Rockingham Jetty, the Bunbury telegraph line, and bridges over the Canning River in Kelmscott.
  • 1889 - 1892 - Railway line from Perth to Armadale was completed and Armadale mushroomed into a vital and prosperous settlement with houses, roads and shops clustering around the station. Settlers were now able to send all their produce more quickly to Perth by rail. This included eggs, fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, milk, livestock, timber and bricks. The routing of the railway line through Armadale was an important step in the town's history.
  • 1891 - The first Kelmscott Hall was built.
  • 1894 - The Kelmscott Road Board was created, first recorded minutes are from a meeting 5 April 1895.
  • 1895 - Bedfordale Hall opened, corner Admiral Road and Albany Road.
  • 1897 - First civic hall was built in Armadale: the Mechanics Institute Hall.
  • 1897 - First Kelmscott Agricultural Show held.
  • 1897 - A purpose built Kelmscott School was constructed, officially opening in January 1898.
  • 1898 - Opening of the Post and Telegraph Office in Jull Street, Armadale.

1900 - 1949

  • 1900 - Original Armadale Primary School was built.
  • 1901 - The Narrogin Inn restyled itself 'Ye Olde Narrogin Inne'
  • 1902 - The Armadale Brick Works opened, occupying the area where Dale Cottages now stand.
  • 1903 - Original Roads Board Office was built.
  • 1903 - Bedfordale area named by Kelmscott Road Board.
  • 1904 - St Matthew's Anglican Church built in Armadale.
  • 1905 - Roleystone School opened (it stood opposite the current-day Roleystone Theatre). First teacher J. Hickman.
  • 1907 - Armadale to Fremantle Railway Line constructed (closed 1964).
  • 1908 - Armadale Tennis Club established.
  • 1909 - Gazettal of Armadale Townsite on 26 February.
  • 1909 - Five wards created: Kelmscott, Roleystone, Armadale, Bedfordale and Beenup.
  • 1910 - Kelmscott Roads Board renamed the Armadale-Kelmscott Roads Board.
  • 1910 - Armadale Water Supply came online, local Water Board gazetted.
  • 1911 - Public street lighting was introduced (initially Kerosene lights).
  • 1913 - Turner Road Bridge built across Canning River.
  • 1913 - St Francis Xavier church opened.
  • 1914 - Wards increased from five to seven. Addition of Karragullen and Armadale West.
  • 1915 - Forrestdale School opened. First teacher Miss Agnes Jeffrey.
  • 1916 - WWI Memorial Obelisk erected in Armadale. First in Western Australia.
  • 1920 - Soldiers' Memorial Park officially established.
  • 1920 - Beenup township renamed 'Byford'.
  • 1921 - Captured field gun from Hindenburg Line donated to Armadale RSL for Memorial Park.
  • 1921 - Kelmscott WWI Memorial Obelisk unveiled.
  • 1922 - Tennis courts opened in Armadale at Soldiers' Memorial Park.
  • 1924 - First truck purchased by Armadale-Kelmscott Roads Board.
  • 1924 - Power lines installed.
  • 1925 - Official opening of the Churchman's Brook Dam.
  • 1925 - First Roleystone Show.
  • 1926 - First Byford Show.
  • 1928 - Opening of the first Armadale Kelmscott Hospital.
  • 1930 - Araluen Park was officially opened.
  • 1940 - Official opening of the Canning Dam.

1950 - 1959

  • 1950 - Armadale Recreation Ground - later named Gwynne Park - began a long-term raft of upgrades, taking several years.
  • 1950 - Construction began on the Armadale Brickworks on South West Highway, completed in 1952.
  • 1952 - A new Police Station and courthouse opened on 19 August.
  • 1953 - Armadale Senior High School opened ('official' opening in 1955).
  • 1953 - Forrestdale homes began to get electricity connection.
  • 1954 - Kelmscott Post Office shifted to new premises.
  • 1955 - Bedfordale homes got electricity, wired by E. 'Tuck' Wilcockson.
  • 1955 - Doctor N. Colyer became the first full-time resident doctor for Armadale.
  • 1956 - Colin Hatfield builds and opens the Roleystone Drive-in picture theatre.
  • 1957 - Opening of the Kelmscott Pool, November 30.
  • 1957 - Opening of Dale Cottages Retirement Village - the first retirement village in the City of Armadale.
  • 1957 - Lake Jandakot (Forrestdale Lake) Sailing Club was formed.
  • 1958 - First Armadale-Kelmscott District Public Library opened. Librarian was Margaret Aarts.
  • 1959 - First meeting of the Armadale Kelmscott Seniors Group.

1960 - 1969

  • 1960 - The newly built Kelmscott Branch Library was opened next to Kelmscott Station.
  • 1961 - The A-K Roads Board becomes the Shire of Armadale-Kelmscott in 1961 (WA Local Govt Act passes).
  • 1961 - St John's Ambulance Association Hall  (Armadale sub-centre building) is opened.
  • 1963 - A new St Mary's in the Valley church is built and opened.
  • 1964 - Railway line from Armadale/Jandakot to Fremantle is closed.
  • 1964 - Opening of Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital, Albany Highway.
  • 1966 - The Co-op is closed; Armadale Kelmscott Co-operative Society shop on Jull St shuts down.
  • 1967 - A new Armadale Kelmscott Council Chambers and Administrative Offices building opened, facing Jull Street (superseded by new building on Orchard Avenue in 1985).
  • 1967 - A new Free Reformed Church building opened on Fifth Road, Armadale.
  • 1967 - Orlando Street Bridge declared unsafe.
  • 1967 - The new Kelmscott Hall is opened; although the new building retained some of the original structure.
  • 1968 - Frye Park in Kelmscott (Clifton Hills) opened for community recreation.
  • 1969 - Kelmscott Village shopping centre opened, the district's first modern shopping complex.
  • 1969 - Kingsley Primary School opened.

1970 - 1979

  • 1970 - Westfield Primary School established.
  • 1971 - Orlando Street Bridge rebuilt.
  • 1971 - Neerigen Brook Primary School opened.
  • 1972 - Clifton Hills Primary School (then Connell Avenue Primary School) opened.
  • 1972 - Armadale Square Shopping City (now Armadale Central) opened for business on 23 March.
  • 1972 - New Armadale Library opened in Orchard Avenue.
  • 1973 - Morgan Park established for community recreation.
  • 1973 - Roleystone Shopping Centre built.
  • 1973 - Kelmscott Senior High School opened.
  • 1973 - Kingsley Railway Station (now Sherwood) added to the Armadale line.
  • 1974 - Creyk Park opened for recreation.
  • 1974 - John Dunn oval (Third Ave, Kelmscott) opened for recreation.
  • 1976 - History House Municipal Museum officially opened.
  • 1976 - St Francis Xavier church occupied it's new building.
  • 1976 - Closure of the Armadale to Byford/Mundijong railway line.
  • 1976 - Fire destroys Kelmscott Village Shopping Centre. It is rebuilt.
  • 1976 - First Roleystone full-time medical practitioner: Dr M.A. Loeffler.
  • 1977 - Byford Ward becomes part of the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale.
  • 1977 - Roleystone Hall was extended to include a theatre.
  • 1977 - Opening of the Elizabethan Village on Canns Road.
  • 1977 - Forrestdale golf course (nine holes) opened.
  • 1979 - Wungong Dam completed.
  • 1979 - Opening of the Armadale Recreation Centre, now known as the Arena.
  • 1979 - The Town of Armadale was proclaimed.
  • 1979 - Gwynne Park Primary School opened.

1980 - 1989

  • 1980 - Pioneer Village opened for business (later known as Pioneer World).
  • 1980 - Kelmscott Park and Ride railway station (rebuilt with new bus terminal) opened in July by Cyril Rushton.
  • 1980 - The Armadale Aquatic Centre opened on 20 December.
  • 1980 - Cecil Andrews High School established.
  • 1981 - First year of Pioneer Village School.
  • 1981 - Armadale Aqua Slides (also known as the AquaTubes) opened at the Armadale Aquatic Centre on Boxing Day.
  • 1982 - Country Women's Association (Armadale Branch) celebrate new premises on Avonlee Road.
  • 1983 - Roleystone gets its own High School.
  • 1984 - Armadale Shopping City opened (Stage 1).
  • 1985 - The City of Armadale was proclaimed.
  • 1985 - New Armadale Council Chambers and administrative offices.
  • 1986 - Fires at primary schools: Challis, Roleystone and later Armadale primary schools targeted by arsonists.
  • 1987 - Minnawarra Park (Stage 1) developed.
  • 1987 - McDonalds came to the City of Armadale - store built on Jull Street.
  • 1987 - A new Police station built between Jull Street and Prospect Road.
  • 1987 - Relocation of the old Armadale School building and rebuilding of Congregational Church building at the Minnawarra Historic Precinct.
  • 1988 - Brookdale liquid waste facility opened by Cleanaway, beginning a controversial era of community environmental protest.
  • 1988 - Bungendore Park official opening.
  • 1988 - New Armadale Primary School built.
  • 1989 - Kingsley Train Station, active since 1973, was renamed Sherwood Station.

1990 - 1999

  • 1990 - Opening of Seville Grove Library (then Westfield Library).
  • 1990 - Governor's visit to Armadale.
  • 1990 - City population reached 50,000.
  • 1991 - Electrification of the Perth to Armadale railway.
  • 1991 - Bushfire at Canning Dam.
  • 1991 - The Schoenstatt Shrine replica is completed (Talus Drive, Armadale).
  • 1992 - Work begins on the Araluen Country Club Golf Estate after much controversial opposition.
  • 1992 - Premier Dr. Carmen Lawrence visited Armadale.
  • 1992 - A Police helicopter crashed at Rushton Park during a public relations exercise with primary school students. Over 300 schoolchildren saw the helicopter descend and crash to the ground, watching as the four occupants were freed and the wreckage burst into flames. No children were hurt and all police officers survived, with no major injuries.
  • 1992 - Work began on Stage 2 of the Minnawarra Park development, on the northern side of Armadale Road to create Sanctuary Lake.
  • 1992 - Flooding damage to Urch Road Bridge.
  • 1992 - Jull Street Mall created.
  • 1992 - Arson damaged classrooms at Clifton Hills Primary School.
  • 1993 - The first Armadale Highland Gathering took place.
  • 1993 - Armadale Tourist Centre opens on Jull Street, featuring the relocated signal box from Armadale Railway Station.
  • 1993 - Council places preservation orders on 20 notable trees.
  • 1994 - Kim Fletcher's book Spanning The Years 1894 - 1994 was released, celebrating 100 years of Local Government in Armadale.
  • 1994 - Roleystone Dieback Action Group formed.
  • 1994 – Celebration of 100 years of local government in the district with the forming of the Kelmscott Road Board in 1894.
  • 1994 – 'Pioneer's Rest' statue (Jull Street) unveiled on 10 December 1994 by the Armadale Chamber of Commerce, presented to the City of Armadale.
  • 1998 - Local community radio station Heritage FM began broadcasting on 97.3FM (this frequency now belongs to NOVA FM).
  • 1999 - City of Armadale employed its first Environmental Officer, Ron Van Delft.

2000 - 2009


  • Migrant sculpture unveiled at Sanctuary Lake: the Italo-Australian Memorial Fountain (Sculptor Andrew Kay).
  • Armadale-Kelmscott Historical Society went into recess.
  • 'Armadale Redevelopment Act' passed.
  • Pioneer Tree sculpture unveiled at Fancote Park.
  • City of Armadale won 'Best Practice in Local Government - Whole of Organisation Award' at the Local Government Best Practice Awards.


  • The ARA (Armadale Redevelopment Authority) began operations.
  • Birtwistle Local Studies Library opened.
  • STREAMCARE waterways restoration program established.


  • Establishment of Armadale Volunteer Resource Centre.
  • Visit to the City of Armadale by Premier Richard Court.
  • Armadale Recreation Centre (now The Arena) received a major upgrade.
  • Completion of Harvey Norman building in Armadale.
  • Champion Lakes Concept Plan developed.
  • First edition of City Views newsletter published on December 11.


  • First subdivision of Forrestdale Business Park.
  • Excavation for international rowing course at Champion Lakes commenced.
  • Prime Minister John Howard visited City administration centre.
  • Nyoongar Art mural opened at History House.
  • Greendale Centre (a community centre inside Dale Cottages) re-opened with new name.
  • New Armadale Railway Station opened.


  • Council ward boundaries and names changed.
  • New corporate computer system at the City Administration Centre.
  • Grand Cinemas opened January 20, the first cinema complex in the City of Armadale.
  • Memorial Park upgrade.
  • Kelmscott Library & the Child Health Centre were relocated and old buildings demolished.
  • Waste Management Resource Recovery Centre (the Drop n' Shop) opened.
  • Tonkin Highway extension opened April 2.
  • 'Taps turned on’ for water at Champion Lakes – it took nine months to fill.
  • Celebration of 175th anniversary of Kelmscott (October 9).
  • Celebration of centenary of Bedfordale township (December 11).


  • A new Archive Centre was established at the City’s depot.
  • Champion Drive extension and Goolamrup Bridge opened.
  • City of Armadale took responsibility for management of the Armadale Visitor Centre.
  • Baker’s House secured by City of Armadale.
  • Redeveloped Kelmscott Pool site at Rushton Park officially opened.


  • The new suburbs of Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Hilbert and Haynes were gazetted.
  • Phased opening of the redeveloped Armadale Shopping City.
  • Champion Lakes Regatta Centre international rowing course opened in April.
  • Indigenous Development Centre/Champion Centre opened. Indigenous Children’s Program launched with $205,000 Federal Government grant.


  • Suburb of Westfield renamed to Camillo.
  • Armadale Central Shopping Centre first stage opened.
  • Dome Café and Gelare opened in Jull Street, joining Armadale Shopping City.
  • Roleystone Revitalisation Project worth $1.1 M began.
  • Refurbished Roleystone Hall opened on September 13.
  • Armadale Arena revamped facilities opened on November 22.


  • City of Armadale won the Property Council’s Innovation & Excellence Awards for its North Forrestdale planning (1600 lots created in Harrisdale and Piara Waters).
  • Centenary of Armadale becoming an official township of Perth on 26 February.
  • Memorial Plaques for Parks project commenced.
  • Dale Cottages celebrated its 50th anniversary, having opened in October 1959.

2010 - 2019


  • Armadale Library re-opened in new premises at Armadale Central Shopping Centre on 27 January.
  • Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited Armadale on 6 May to announce funding of $1 million for the City of Armadale. The funding was used in the Newhaven development.
  • Extended hours retail trading in the Armadale CBD began on Monday 1 November. Sunday trading commenced on 7 November.


  • The Kelmscott/Roleystone Bushfires occurred on 6 February. In total, 72 homes were completely or significantly destroyed.
  • City of Armadale's White House transportable office was destroyed by fire (arson) on 14 April.
  • The newly rebuilt Frye Park Pavilion and sports facility opened on 8 June.
  • Armadale district's history book Settlement to City launched on 13 September.
  • Bunnings Armadale opened in November.
  • Splash Town area for children opened at the Armadale Aquatic Centre on 11 December.
  • Forrestdale Lake Boardwalk opened.


  • Piara Waters Primary School officially opened in February.
  • YAA (Youth Activity Area) in Orchard Avenue was launched, replacing the old amphitheatre with a skate park.
  • Memorial Ribbons installation launched in Memorial Park on 18 August. The 12 tall glass ribbons were removed in 2015 after vandalism, returned in April 2017.
  • Haynes Shopping Centre on Armadale Road opened (on the former site of Dalton Stable).
  • Picture Armadale digital historic photographic collection went live online.


  • Baker’s House in Piara Waters, restored to heritage condition, was opened on 10 March.
  • Inaugural Grand Fondo Cycle Tour took place on 19 May.
  • State Government announced plans on 30 July to amalgamate City of Armadale with Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire (SJ) as part of the restructuring of metropolitan local government.


  • Free WiFi made available in Jull Street Mall.
  • Piara Waters Pavilion opened in August.
  • A number of City of Armadale staff moved to newly-built landmark building Orchard House on the 14th of December (Community Services and Technical Services).


  • Old Armadale Library building on Orchard Avenue demolished over two days on 5 and 6 January.
  • The Community Connect South (CCS) campaign was launched to secure funding for the dualling of Armadale Road. The City of Armadale and City of Cockburn garnered pledges totaling $145 million from the Federal and State Governments.
  • Inaugural Spring Into Armadale festival ran from 15 August until 31 October.
  • Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited the City of Armadale on 2 September during the Canning by-election, required due to the death of Federal Liberal MP Don Randall. Mr Abbott lost the Prime Ministership just 13 days later in a leadership spill.
  • Armadale Golf Course's future was assured in November after the City signed a 10-year lease with company Golf Oracle.


  • The new Electoral Division of Burt was gazetted on 19 January, taking in many suburbs within the City of Armadale. It remained vacant until the federal election on July 2, 2016.
  • Harrisdale Primary School was officially opened on 2 February.
  • The new Kelmscott Library at Stargate Shopping Centre was officially opened on 5 February (soft opening for public use from 4 January).
  • The inaugural FOCUS local history photographic competition ran during March.
  • The first Armadale Arts Festival took place between 1-17 April, with more than 30 events being held.
  • The naming of Cam Clay Reserve on Riverside Lane, Seville Grove occurs on 9 April, in honour of the late Robert Cameron Clay’s contribution to the environment.
  • The 40th anniversary of the opening of History House Museum was celebrated on 25 April.
  • The Stockland Harrisdale Shopping Centre grand opening took place on 23 June.
  • The NBN (National Broadband Network) became available to residents in parts of the City of Armadale.


  • Harrisdale Senior High School opened in February.
  • Harrisdale Pavilion opened 25 March. ARKS Rugby Union Club quickly made it their home turf.
  • The Armadale Aquatic Centre officially closed for redevelopment on 8 April, with an 18-month timeframe and $26 million budget, including geothermal heating facility.
  • The inaugural Armadale Writers' Festival took place on 29 & 30 April.
  • The inaugural Armadale Writers' Award took place during September.


  • Aspiri Primary School (Piara Waters) stage one opened in February for pre-primary and kindergarten students.
  • Roleystone Theatre closed in February due to structural issues.
  • Armadale Road dualling/duplication (Anstey Road to Tapper Road) began in March. The project includes an overpass at Nicholson Road.
  • New 1.2-acre Dog Park facility opened in April at John Dunn Reserve in Kelmscott.
  • The Rossiter Playing Field and Pavilion (Piara Waters South) opened in July.
  • Final issue of the Comment News newspaper was printed on 4 September.


  • Aspiri Primary School (Piara Waters) stage two opened in February for K-6 students.
  • The new Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (AFAC) opened on 11 March after extensive renovations and expansion.
  • Armadale District Hall reopened in May after its $4.9 million refurbishment. The Hall went on to win a 2020 Western Australian Heritage Award for adaptive reuse.
  • City of Armadale CEO Ray Tame stepped down in June after 21 years in the role, having been the district's longest-serving CEO, Town Clerk or Road Board Secretary.
  • A revitalised Kelmscott Hall reopens in June after renovations and expansion.
  • The new Armadale Road four-lane bridge over Nicholson Road in Forrestdale opened for traffic in November.
  • Construction of new $86 million Armadale Court House and Police Complex began, expected to finish in 2022.

2020 - present day


  • All COA facilities closed temporarily due to outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic [March] with response measures in place to ensure the continuation of most services.
  • Many long-standing annual community events were cancelled in 2020, including the Kelmscott Show, the Highland Gathering and the Australia Day fireworks.
  • Construction of the new Bedfordale Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade building begins.


  • Novelli Pavilion opened 28 January for sporting groups and the wider Piara Waters community.
  • State Government initiated a five-day lockdown on 31 January in response to WA’s first community based transmission of COVID-19 Coronavirus.
  • North Harrisdale Primary School opened.
  • The long-awaited Denny Avenue railway level crossing removal works commenced, undertaken by Metronet.
  • New Bedfordale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade building on Admiral Road officially opened in May
  • The Kelmscott Cenotaph War Memorial at Rushton Park celebrated 100 years on 21 May.
  • Creyk Park pavilion (built 1974) was demolished and a new pavilion built in its place.


  • The new Creyk Park Pavilion opened on 3 February. The updated pavilion added new features including cricket nets.
  • Challenge Park, a biking and BMX track opened on 12 April at John Dunn Oval . Built on the site of the old Kelmscott BMX track, the facility cost $1.6 million.
  • Riva Primary School officially opened in Piara Waters by Minister Sue Ellery on 2 March.


  • Champion Lakes hosted the Australian Rowing Championships for the second time, from 27 March to 2 April.
  • New Armadale Police Complex and Courthouse opened in November. An $86M facility.
  • New headquarters of the Roleystone-Karragullen Volunteer Bushfire Brigade came into service in November at Springdale Park, Karragullen.
  • Armadale Railway Line closed on 20 November for works on the Byford Rail Extension
  • Armadale Train Station demolished in December 2023. The station was opened in 2004.
  • Piara Waters Senior High School officially opened on Friday 8 December


  • Major rail and road works in Armadale during 2024 for the Byford Rail Extension Project.
  • The new Roleystone Theatre officially opened on 19 April, more than five years after the demolition of the old Roleystone Theatre.

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