Historic site plaque
Find out about historic site plaques. Information on the types of plaques and how to nominate a site in the City for a plaque is also provided.

Recognition and commemoration

The City recognises the historical significance of buildings, people and places in the district through a series of commemorative plaques. 

The City has committed to a series of plaques on buildings, in parks and reserves, and at places of historic significance.

Types of plaques

Heritage plaques

Heritage plaques (green plaques) are placed on public and private buildings listed in the City’s Municipal Heritage Inventory.

Memorial plaques

Memorial plaques (maroon red plaques) are placed in formally named parks and reserves that hold historic significance related to the person or group the park/reserve is named after.

Historic site plaques

Historic site plaques (blue plaques) are for sites and locations, not buildings, within the City deemed worthy of a plaque which don’t qualify for memorial or heritage plaques. There may not be any remaining infrastructure in place related to the historical significance of the site.

The Armadale to Fremantle Railway sidings have been recognized with a separate series of black plaques as a single project.

Nominate a historic site

Community suggestions for historic site plaques are welcome.

If you would like to nominate a place in the City for a plaque, please download and submit the Historic site plaques suggestion form.

Page Last Reviewed 22 August 2023