Habitat Links - Connecting landscapes for wildlife

As part of the Program, residents within the City of Armadale have the opportunity to receive free native seedlings and the support of a dedicated Officer. Through Habitat Links, the Officer will assist in enhancing biodiversity and the health of the City’s treasured natural environment.  

Landowners with properties within Special Residential, Rural Living or Rural  zones may be eligible. The properties must contain and/or be adjacent to priority conservation value bushland, wetlands or watercourses. Qualifying landowners will be eligible for free native seedlings and support in the implementation of revegetation and habitat creation projects. 

Participants of the program will receive technical advice on:

  • Native plant species selection
  • Planting techniques to maximise survival
  • Weed management
  • Feral animal management
  • Creating wildlife habitat
  • Erosion management
  • Environmental monitoring

You can register your expression of interest online or for more information, email habitatlinks@armadale.wa.gov.au or phone 9394 5000


Page Last Reviewed 13 January 2020