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How do you vote?

City of Armadale Elections are administered by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) and conducted by way of the postal voting system.

As it is a postal system all electors will receive their voting package by standard mail that is delivered by Australia Post.

Electors who have not received their voting package the week prior to an election are highly encouraged to contact the City of Armadale in-person at the Administration Centre, 7 Orchard Avenue Armadale, by emailing or calling 9394 5000.

Officers will be able to determine why electors have received their voting package and if eligible issue a replacement voting package.

Is voting compulsory?

Voting in Local Government elections is not compulsory however is highly encouraged as it is the most effective way of making a difference in your local community.

Can you vote or nominate?

If you wish to vote or nominate within the City of Armadale Council elections you may wish to check you are enrolled to vote by visiting the Western Australian Electoral Commissions website

How do you enrol to vote or update enrolment details?

If you have recently moved or have reached the minimim age of 18 to vote you can update your enrolment details or register to vote at the Australian Electoral Commissions website.

When is the last day to cast your vote?

Electors have until 6pm on Saturday 16 October 2021 (Election day) to vote.

If election packages have not been returned by post the week prior to election day electors are highly encouraged to hand deliver them to the City of Armadale Administration (address below) to ensure they are received on time and included in the count.

The election count is open to members of the public to observe and occurs after 6pm on 16 October 2021 in the upstairs Function Room at the City of Armadale Administration Centre located 7 Orchard Avenue Armadale.

Are you enrolled to vote?

If you wish to vote within the October local government elections and you are unsure if you are enrolled to vote (or you haven't updated your enrolment details since you last moved) update your details by visiting the Western Australian Electoral Commission's website

When is the last day to cast your vote?

Electors have until 6pm election day (Saturday 16 October 2021) to cast their vote. 

What if I haven’t received my election package or lose / spoil my ballot paper?

If you do not receive or lose your postal election package or you spoil your ballot paper prior to or on election day (16 October 2021) please contact us in-person at 7 Orchard Avenue Armadale, by phone 9394 5000 or email so we can arrange a replacement package.

What if I will be away and haven’t received my election package in time?

If you are planning to go away before election packages are posted one of the best options is to arrange for a mail redirection with the post office (or have a friend forward your mail) to an alternative address. If this is not practical  e.g. travelling overseas for extended periods of time, unfortunately it may not be practical for you to vote as your postal ballot paper may not be received in time. In these instances as voting at local government elections is not compulsory you will not receive a fine.

Can I vote in more than one ward?

YES. If you own rateable property in more than one ward and you happen to live (occupy) property in another ward the provided you have enrolled to vote for each property in each ward. Importantly you wil need to complete and lodge an enrolment eligibility claim for each additional property (other than the one in which you live provided your enrolment details are up to date on the State or Commonwealth electoral rolls). For further information please contac the City by email at or be telephone 9394 5000. 

Do councillors elected to specific wards represent the interests of people in other wards?

YES. Once elected, councillors make decisions on behalf of all electors across the City. Section 2.10 of the Local Government Act 1995 includes requirements that a councillor represents the interests of electors, ratepayers amd residents of the district; and provides leadership and guidance to the community in the district.

Page Last Reviewed 28 April 2021