The footpath cash-in-lieu payment per grouped dwelling unit is currently $337.50 (i.e. five metres of footpath at $67.50 per metre.  Note: this amount is subject to change without further notice). Payment of the footpath contribution is to be forwarded to the City quoting the City's development approval reference number, the address of the property and the landowner's details, so the City can maintain appropriate records of compliance conditions.

Clause 4.1.7 of the Local Planning Policy PLN 3.1: Residential Density Development specifies that:

"To facilitate improvements to the City's footpath network, development taking advantage of the higher code in dual coded areas and development within areas coded R40 will be required as a condition of development to make a contribution to the City's footpath fund on the basis of the estimated cost of constructing five meters of footpath for every additional unit proposed for the site. Contributions should generally be expended in the locality within which the contribution has been made."

Page Last Reviewed 13 October 2022