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Events, Activities and Facilities for Families and Children

The City provides a broad range of programs, events and facilities to meet the diverse interests and needs of children and families across the City of Armadale. These include:

Nature Passport

The City of Armadale in conjunction with Nature Play WA, has produced a unique City of Armadale Nature Passport for children and families to use to play, explore and learn outdoors!

Discover local gems and complete the suggested activities for some fun in the sun. Hard copy passports can be collected at:

  • Armadale Library
  • Kelmscott Library
  • Seville Grove Library
  • Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
  • Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre
  • The Champion Centre
  • City of Armadale Main Administration

Can’t find a hardcopy? Then access the editable pdf here. To print as an A4 select ‘fit’ or ‘fit to page’ under print settings.

Each of the activities can be completed using the international Nature Passport app.

Child Health and Parenting Centres

Westfield Park Child and Parent Centres

The Westfield Park Child and Parent Centre is managed by Parkerville Children and Youth Care in partnership with Westfield Park Primary School.

The range of programs and services that are provided include:

  • Antenatal education and child health checks and referrals, including monthly immunisation clinics
  • A variety of parenting information and programs during school terms
  • Allied health services, including speech and occupational therapy, psychology and paediatric service
  • Information sessions on supporting children’s physical, cognitive, language, and social and emotional development
  • Early learning and development programs with parental involvement, such as playgroups which include transition to Kindergarten, mental health support, and baby playgroups
  • Popular school holiday programs

Please email, or even better pop in for a cup of tea.

Child and Adolescent Health Services

Community Health Services are free for children from birth to 18 years. The services include child health, school health, Aboriginal child health, refugee child health, and immunisation.

Community Child Health Nurses conduct purple book appointments throughout a young child's early years and offer a range of resources.

To find your local services visit the Child and Adolescent Health Service website.

Family and Neighbourhood Centres

There are three independently operated family/neighbourhood centres located within the City of Armadale.

Armadale Community Family Centre

Minnawarra House

Roleystone Family Centre

Other useful links:


Raising Children Network

Kidsafe WA

Bright Tomorrows

Better Beginnings


Wanslea Family Services

Kindergarten, Playgroup, Childcare and School

You can search for a local playgroup through Playgroup WA

Find your closest childcare facility via

Find the public primary school or kindergarten for your catchment area at or to locate a community kindergarten, visit

Australian Early Development Census

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a community measure of young children's development, based on the scores from a teacher completed checklist consisting of 100 questions.

The AEDC provides communities from around Australia with the opportunity to better understand how they can allocate resources and concentrate their efforts towards improving outcomes for children.

For more information, including results for the Armadale area, visit the AEDC website or download the Community Profile 2018 for Armadale.

Armadale Early Years Network

The Armadale Early Years Network plays an important role in connecting a community by working collaboratively to develop and implement initiatives, services and activities. 

Early Years Networks provide opportunities to share knowledge and experiences, discuss emerging early years issues, gain insights and perspectives from community representatives, and explore initiatives to improve outcomes for young children and families.

Keep up to date through the Armadale Early Years Network Facebook page.

The Armadale Early Years Network has developed a ‘Me at 1 Passport’ to assist parents in identifying the key milestones in childhood development. The Passport outlines the skills that 1 year olds can achieve and encourages families to be aware of baby/toddler milestones. It also expresses the importance of early brain development and how children learn through connection and play with their carers.

Grab a copy from your local library or contact the City of Armadale Community Development Team on 9394 5651.

Download the flyer

Page Last Reviewed 27 October 2023