Bushcare Volunteers make a valuable contribution towards biodiversity conservation.

The City is committed to supporting Bushcare Volunteers to achieve agreed goals for the preservation and improvement of natural areas, through the provision of support and advice.

About Bushcare Volunteers and what they do

Bushcare Volunteers include reserve custodians, individual volunteers, informal groups of a few people, and formal incorporated bodies.

All share the desire to conserve and protect a natural area vested within the City.

The level of involvement and type of activities undertaken by volunteers depend upon the particular needs of the reserve, as well as the intentions and expertise of the individual or group.

Examples of Bushcare Volunteer activities are:

  • Weed control / removal
  • Dieback injections
  • Rubbish clean-up
  • Planting of locally native species
  • Guided nature walks
  • Monitoring and recording of flora and fauna
  • Seed collection
  • Community education (talks and presentations)
  • Fire prevention
  • Passive surveillance, and reporting of any issues that may be affecting a reserve.

Benefits of being a Bushcare Volunteer

Some benefits of becoming a City Bushcare Volunteer include:

  • Contributing to the preservation and conservation of natural areas
  • Helping to restore a natural area in your local community
  • Meeting new people who share a common interest
  • Learning about local flora and fauna
  • Getting active outdoors
  • Raising community awareness of the values of natural areas
  • Providing input to the City’s natural area management strategies.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

If you would like to become a Reserve Custodian, Individual Volunteer, or would like to establish a Bushcare Volunteer Group, the first step is to contact the City to find out if there are already active volunteers in your area of interest.

If a group already exists, the City will put you in touch.

If there is no existi​ng Reserve Custodian, Individual Volunteer or Bushcare Volunteer Group for a specific reserve that you are interested in, then your registration will be encouraged.

Call the City on 9394 5000 or send an email.

Page Last Reviewed 4 December 2020