Approval and Gazettal of Amendment No. 100 to Town Planning Scheme No. 4 - Increase in Residential Design Code Densities and Addition of Associated Provisions in Kelmscott West of the Railway

Amendment 100 was initiated by Council to implement modifications to the existing Residential Density Codes to increase the potential for redevelopment and the introduction of new housing types such as Apartments and more one (1) or two (2) bedroom dwellings within the catchment for both the Kelmscott train station and the Kelmscott shopping area. This proposal was as a result of several Housing Strategy Actions contained in the City’s Local Planning Strategy (LPS).

The Amendment also included the introduction of new development requirements in the Town Planning Scheme for developments at the new density codes of R60 and R80 to ensure a good quality of development occurs, retention of existing trees and other desirable development outcomes.  

Amendment 100 was Finally Adopted by Council at their meeting held on 24 June 2019. Amendment 100 was subsequently referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for final approval by both the WAPC and the Hon. Minister for Planning.

On 12 May 2020 the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) advised the City that the Hon. Minister for Planning has now approved Scheme Amendment 100 to TPS 4 with modifications. The Scheme amendment was subsequently gazetted via the Government Gazette on and is now in force.

A copy of the Notice of Approved Scheme Amendment is downloadable below.

Prior to the amendment being approved the Hon. Minister for Planning requested that the Scheme Amendment be modified as follows:

  1. The base Residential Design Code Densities existing in TPS 4 for the land in the Amendment area be retained. This means that the base density code for your land will remain the same as it was prior to the approval of Amendment 100. Therefore, if your base code was R25 before Amendment 100 was approved then it will remain the same.

  2. The provision requiring a minimum development site area of 1400m2 and a minimum street frontage of 25m for development above the base density code was reinstated by the Hon. Minister for Planning. Council had resolved not to include this provision when the Amendment was Finally Adopted by Council. The WAPC recommended to the Minister that this provision should be included in the interest of enabling better quality residential developments in the area with regard to layout and design. Subsequently, the Minister adopted the WAPC’s recommendation in this regard.

The full approved Scheme Amendment document and a map of the Amendment area is downloadable below.

If you have any queries with regard to the outcome of Amendment 100 then please contact Meredith Kenny, Coordinator Strategic Planning, on 9394 5627 or by email

The Scheme Maps and Scheme Text will be updated accordingly, to reflect the Ministers decision and the Gazettal of Amendment No.100.

Please download relevant documents: 

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