A Structure Plan is to be prepared and adopted prior to subdivision or development of land within Development (Structure Planning) Areas as identified on Special Control Area Map 3.

Additional provisions may also apply to each Development (Structure Planning) Area and are described in Schedule 12 of Town Planning Scheme No.4.

Part 6A of the Town Planning Scheme No.4 outlines the requirements and procedures to follow when preparing a Structure Plan.

A list of Structure Plans is provided below.

See also: Town Planning Scheme and Local Planning Strategy.

Girraween Street
Lot 700 Armadale Road
Owtram Road
Precinct 1 (Owtram Road, Frys Lane, Albany Highway, Clarence Road)
Precinct 3 (Little John Road, Gladstone Road, Railway Avenue, Lowanna Way)
West of Railway Activity Centre Plan
123 Canns Road
681 Canns Road
Narbethong Estate
Admiral Road
Churchman Brook Estate
Lot 55 Canns Road
Lot 805 Churchman Brook Road
Lot 81 Churchman Brook Road
Lot 53 Churchman Brook Road
Lot 805 Weelarra
Lots 6 and 7 Caradine Road
Lot 102 Waterwheel Road
Lot 12 Canns Road
Lot 56 Canns Road
Lot 604 Waterwheel Road
Lots 800 and 801 Waterwheel Road
Lots 10 and 61 Dmietrieff Road
Lots 23, 24 and 25 Narbethong Estate
Lots 1, 2 and 3 Ninth Road
Centre Road
Westfield Road/Centre Road/Railway Avenue Plan
Westfield Road/Centre Road/Railway Avenue Provisions
Champion Lakes
Lake Road Precinct A1
Lake Road Precinct A1 - Part 1 Implementation
Lake Road Precinct B
Lake Road Precinct B - Part 1 Implementation
Lake Road Precinct C
Lake Road Precinct C - Part 1 Implementation
Doobarda Industrial Area Stage 1 (formerly South Forrestdale) Report
Lot 29 Taylor Road
Lots 420 and 450 Taylor Road
Lot 431 Oxley Road
Lot 6, 8 and 449 Taylor Road
Lot 40 Armadale and Taylor Road
Anstey Keane Urban Development Precinct - North West Structure Plan
Anstey Keane Urban Development Precinct - South West Structure Plan
Anstey Keane Urban Development Precinct - East Structure Plan
Oxley Road
Wright Road Village Centre
Harrisdale Green Estate
Harrisdale Activity Centre
Harrisdale Activity Centre Plan Report
Harrisdale Activity Centre Plan Part One Implementation
North Forrestdale Stage 4
Shepherd Court
Shepherd Court Part 1 - Implementation
Reilly Road LSP (North Forrestdale Stage 1 Central)
Harrisdale North Structure Plan
Harrisdale North Part One Implementation
Brookwood Estate
Leworthy Loop
Lots 4, 102 and 103 Brookton Highway
Centre Road - Canning River West
Cammillo Road, Merrifield Avenue, Railway Avenue and Third Avenue
Clifton Street South Precinct
Piara Waters
CY O'Connor
North Forrestdale Stage 1
North Forrestdale Stage 2
North Forrestdale Stage 3
Lot 9012 Jayes Road
Lot 9101 Warton Road Structure Plan
Lot 9101 Warton Road Part One Implementation
Lot 9101 Warton Road Report
Lot 20 Robinson Road
Lots 201 and 202 Coventry Road
Lot 805 Weelarra
Roleystone Hills
Lot 13, 14 and 15 Brooks Road
Seville Grove
Seville Grove

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