Proposed Structure Plan - West Piara Urban Precinct South - Southern Landholdings

Notice is hereby given that CLE Town Planning and Design on behalf of Stockland has prepared the above mentioned proposed Structure Plan to guide subdivision and development on 14 lots generally bounded by Interdominion View, Armadale Road and Warton Road in Piara Waters.

Structure Plans are documents that are prepared to coordinate land use, infrastructure and facilities such as utilities, roads, open space and sporting/community facilities in new urban areas. This Structure Plan proposes Residential land use at densities between R25 (Residential Design Code average lot size of 350m2) and R60 (Residential Design Code average lot size of 150m2) and areas of public open space. Identified public open space areas respond to the Environmental Protection Authority’s October 2021 Advice under Section 48A(1) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 for the protection of environmental and wetland features in the West Piara Urban Precinct South.

Advertising of the Structure Plan follows an amendment to the state government’s Metropolitan Region Scheme in November 2020 (MRS Amendment 1369/57) to rezone the West Piara Urban Precinct from ‘Rural’ to ‘Urban’. It also follows Council’s final adoption of Town Planning Scheme No.4 (‘TPS No.4’) Amendment No.118 in February 2022 to rezone the West Piara Urban Precinct South from ‘Rural Living’ to ‘Urban Development’. Amendment No. 118 is now with the Western Australian Planning Commission (‘WAPC’) for its final recommendation to the Minister for Transport, Planning and Ports.

Plans and documents setting out and explaining the structure plan (including reports and technical appendices) currently advertised are available for viewing on this webpage. Alternatively, the documents have been deposited at the City of Armadale offices (7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale) and will be available for inspection 8.15am - 4.45pm Monday-Friday.

Submissions on the Structure Plan must be made in writing (refer below submission form), and can be lodged in person at the above address, via email to or posted to Locked Bag No.2, Armadale 6992. Submissions are to include the Structure Plan name/reference number, the property affected, submitter name, address and details of the submission.

Please note that the time periods allowed for submissions on the Structure Plan are prescribed by the State Government’s Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 and the City must adhere to these requirements. Submissions are to be lodged with the City on or before close of business on FRIDAY 27/05/2022.

Further, please note that the Structure Plan is being advertised to seek public comment on the proposal, and advertising does not necessarily indicate that the proposal will receive final support and/or approval from the City of Armadale or the WAPC.

Following review of submissions received during the advertising period the City will prepare a recommendation for the WAPC, who will make a determination on the Structure Plan.

Page Last Reviewed 7 December 2022