Proposed Amended Local Planning Policy PLN 3.14 - Designing Out Crime

Council at its meeting on the 14th December 2020 approved the advertising of proposed Local Planning Policy “PLN 3.14 – Designing Out Crime” which would require specific development to incorporate designing out crime principles, to assist in reducing the likelihood of crime and anti-social behavior.

Further information on the proposed “PLN 3.14 – Designing Out Crime”, the Council report (Development Services Committee Minutes of 7 December 2020 can be downloaded via the links below.

Following a review of the submissions received, the proposed “PLN 3.14 – Designing Out Crime” will be presented to Council for consideration of adoption at a future Council meeting.

If you have any enquiries regarding this matter or require further information please contact the City’s Planning Information Services on 9394 5000 or by email at

Social distancing measures are in place that currently prevent the display/availability of physical hard copies of documents (including the download documents listed below) for inspection.

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