Proposed Amended Local Planning Policy PLN 2.4 – Tree Preservation Policy (PLN 2.4)

Council at its meeting on the 14th December 2020 approved the advertising of proposed amendments to PLN 2.4 – Tree Preservation Policy.

Proposed changes include:

  • Title of the Policy to change from ‘Tree Preservation’ to ‘Landscape Feature and Tree Preservation’;
  • The need to identify significant landscape features and trees at various stages of the Planning, Engineering and Development process as reflected in the expanded ‘Policy Objectives’;
  • The inclusion of definitions for ‘Landscape Feature(s)’ and ‘Significant Tree(s)’;
  • Overview of when the Policy is to apply – i.e. at District Structure Plans, Local Structure Plans, Subdivision Applications, Development Applications and where Individual nomination occurs for Tree Preservation Orders by community or Government organisation;
  • Detailed overview of the information required by the City through the various planning stages – i.e. District Structure Plans, Local Structure Plans, Subdivision Applications, Development Applications, Civil Design, Earthworks and at Practical Completion (for subdivision works);
  • Linking the relevance of the Policy to the State Planning Framework, specifically ‘Liveable Neigbourhoods’ which also seeks to identify and retain significant environmental assets as part of the Structure Plan and Subdivision process; 
  • The introduction of policy provisions to identify the preferred location of ‘environmental offsets’; and
  • The Policy also includes provisions which relate to when a significant tree has been removed without the City’s authorisations.

Further information on the proposed amended PLN 2.4 ‘Tree Preservation’, the Council report (Development Services Committee Minutes of 7 December 2020) can be downloaded via the links below.

If you have any enquiries regarding this matter or require further information please contact the City’s Planning Information Services on 9394 5000 or by email at

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