DevelopmentWA is the planning authority for the Wungong Urban Water area which includes the suburbs of Hilbert, Haynes and the portion of Wungong west of the railway line. In correspondence received on 19 August 2020, DevelopmentWA advised that effective from Monday 31st August 2020 it will no longer check that Building Permit applications for Single Houses (or associated “minor” development like patios, outbuildings or retaining walls) within this area comply with its planning requirements.

In order to facilitate this expedited process the City will assess Building Permit applications of those types against DevelopmentWA’s planning requirements. If the City determines that those planning requirements are not met, or the application applies to an unsubdivided lot or a lot within an area without an approved structure plan, the applicant will be directed to either apply for planning approval or obtain a planning check from DevelopmentWA. Once that approval/advice is obtained from DevelopmentWA the City will immediately recommence its processing of the Building Permit.

Information about the planning requirements in Wungong Urban Water can be found below on DevelopmentWA’s website, or by contacting them on  (08) 9482 7499:

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