Enter your address into the address field below and select from the drop-down list to find your bin collection day, recycling week and your verge collection zone.

Your rubbish bin and recycling bin are collected on the same day, with recycling bins collected fortnightly.

Handy hint: keep track of your recycling fortnight (Area) by marking this on your Waste and Recycling Guide.

The Waste and Recycling Guide is delivered to each household in December for the following calendar year. If you have not received a hard copy of the Waste and Recycling Guide contact Waste Services on 9394 5124.

What if my bin(s) have not been collected?

If you think that your bin has not been emptied please check your bin first as there are trucks that leave the lids closed once emptied. If there is waste in the bin then contact Waste Services on 9394 5124.

Make sure your bins are out by 6am to make sure they are emptied on your bin day.

Page Last Reviewed 14 September 2022