The hills will come alive with Studio Artists

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Monday, 7 August 2017

The Armadale hills will come alive when fifty local studio artists open their doors to the public in September as part of the Spring into Armadale Festival.

Art lovers will be able to gain an intimate view of local artists inspiring spaces and inventive processes when they open their private studios for the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail.

City of Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones OAM, JP said that the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail is a fascinating world of creative discovery in the hills.

“Throughout 24 studios on the arts trail, visitors will discover an extraordinary array of beautiful artwork including: painting, pastels, textiles, eco-fashion and couture, ceramics, stoneware, sculpture, glass, art bears, and a local Aboriginal art studio.”

New highlights to the arts trail this year include an Aboriginal Art Open Studio at the Champion Centre in Seville Grove, a mother and daughter studio partnership with Lorraine Corker and Eve Wolfe in Kelmscott and a shared glass studio with sisters Lorraine Chaplin-Mills and Terry Ferrier in Wungong.

In a neighbourly spirit of creative inclusion, Armadale artists have invited selected artists from Byford to join the arts trail.

The trail includes a number of high profile artists such as Ian Dickinson, Jeanette Dyson, Trudi Pollard, Charlene O’Brien and Shirley Fisher.

“The arts trail is a tremendous opportunity for art lovers and artists from other areas across Perth to come to Armadale and connect with studio artists in the Armadale hills.

“This is a spectacular opportunity for these artists to showcase their work, gain inspiration from fellow artists in the area, build connections and strengthen their art sales.”

Now in its third year, the arts trail started as a local artist-driven cultural and tourism initiative in 2015 and has grown into a popular feature in the Spring into Armadale Festival calendar.

“The Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail began as an idea from a local painter and textile artist, Sue Doorey. During the first year, 11 studios opened their doors to the public which attracted 2,500 visitors from across Perth and $23,000 of art sales in eight days.

“Last year, the trails had grown to 20 open studios and attracted 3,700 visitors from across Perth and $52,000 of sales and commissions over the eight days.

“People in Perth love their art and there are many very talented and professional artists in the Armadale hills region.

“People travel from across the City to come to the art trail and it has proved a very popular event that continues to grow each year, and runs as part of the City’s Spring into Armadale festival.

“I would encourage everyone to come and check out the trails during one of the three weekends in September. There is an array of art studios and I am sure that there is something that will appeal to everyone on the trail – you may even find a favourite piece to take home with you.

“I invite visitors to the area to also visit other events and attractions on the festival calendar between September and November,” he said.

The Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail is free to do and will open from 10am to 4pm, Fridays to Sundays, 8 to 10, 15 to 17, 22 to 24 September.

To see the jam packed calendar of events and for more information, go to or contact the Armadale Visitor Centre on 9394 5410 for more information.

The 2017 Studio Artists

  1. Julie Fearns-Pheasant, Painting, Drawing, Digital, Objet d'art, Armadale
  2. Wayne Jeffery, Steel Sculpture, Armadale
  3. Trudi Pollard, Textiles Natural Dyes, Bedfordale
  4. Jeanette Dyson, Painting, Bedfordale
  5. Shirley Fisher, Painting, Pastels, Byford
  6. Nino Coniglio, Painting, Byford
  7. Jessica Holliday, Pastels, Byford
  8. Catherine Kelley, Painting, Champion Lakes
  9. Charlene O'Brien, Eco-clothing, Couture, Kelmscott
  10. Lorraine Corker, Painting, Prints; Eve Wolfe, Drawing, Kelmscott (Mother & Daughter shared studio)
  11. Stella Cutri, Textiles, Kelmscott
  12. Kay Cooper, Art Bears & Soft Sculpture, Kelmscott
  13. Felicia Lowe, Painting, Pastels, Kelmscott
  14. Armadale Society of Artists, Various mediums, Kelmscott (shared studio)
  15. Linda Stokes, Painting, Textiles; Sue Doorey, Painting, Textiles, Roleystone
  16. Jill Phillips, Textiles, Stoneware pottery, Roleystone
  17. Ian Dickinson, Painting, Roleystone
  18. Jackie Hoeksema, Abstract painting; Douwe Hoeksema, Photography, Roleystone
  19. Irene Young, Wildlife Painting, Roleystone
  20. Geoff Reeves, Drawing; Claudia Woeltjes, Painting, Roleystone
  21. Trish Halloran, Painting, Roleystone
  22. Renae Whyte, Painting; Tabitha Stowe, Painting Pastels, Roleystone (shared studio)
  23. Champion Centre Aboriginal Art Studio, Aboriginal Art, Seville Grove (local Aboriginal art studio)
  24. Lorraine Chaplin-Mills, Terry Ferrier, Glass, Wungong (Sister’s shared studio)

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