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Tuesday, 5 March 2024

The City of Armadale is proud to be hosting the Better Business Forum and Networking event, on Thursday 14 March 2024. The event is hosted in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) and will take place at Forrestdale Business Park. Beaver Tree Services will be our venue host.

The event is an opportunity for local businesses to connect, collaborate and grow together, under the shared vision of growing the City’s significant economic potential. The event will see Aaron Morey, Chief Economist at CCIWA and Michael Carter, Manager International Trade and Investment at CCIWA as our keynote speakers. Aaron and Michael will bring invaluable insight to the forum and provide great value to all attendees.

Mayor Ruth Butterfield said: “This is a chance to celebrate and build upon the commercial and industrial growth in the City. As one of the fastest growing local government areas in the nation, the region provides a great opportunity to take advantage of the increasing need for business and enterprise within the City.”

Chief Economist, CCIWA Aaron Morey said: “The City of Armadale is emerging as a powerhouse industrial and logistics precinct, underpinning the state’s broader economy. There is real energy and momentum for development here.”

Forrestdale Business Park is a rapidly growing business area, accommodating both commercial and mixed business industrial activities. The Park has 244 businesses currently operating in the area. This includes a range of industries such as construction, freight, transport, warehousing, machinery, manufacturing and utilities. The recently opened $123 million Southern Metropolitan Western Power facility is a great example of this. Employment around the Forrestdale Business Park has risen by 174% over the last seven years. Currently, there are over 3,700 jobs in the area.

The Armadale City Centre is recognised as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre by the WA Planning Commission and in the State Government’s ‘Direction 2031 and Beyond’ Plan.

There is currently a diverse range of opportunities for both residential, commercial, and semi-industrial use within the region. Developments are approved in a timely manner by the City of Armadale Development Services team as it has a 10-day timeframe for certified building applications, averaging 1.5 days. The City’s planning team won the Local Government Best Practice Award in 2020 at the Bankwest Master Builders Housing Excellence Awards in recognition of their consistent efficiency.

The value of building approvals in the City of Armadale was over $476 million last financial year. Residential developments made up 55% of these, with 45% for commercial developments, reaching a record level for non-residential development in 2023.

You can find out more information about the event on the event signup page

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