Business connects in with community

Business connects in with community

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Before the owners of local coffee house Bean Thru had a chance to unpack all of their boxes, they were connecting with Gracey, Director of local community organisation the Resilient Friends Club, who delivers the Art vs Depression initiative.

“Even though Armadale is a City, we knew it was a close knit community. While we don’t live locally, we choose to do business locally, and we felt it's our duty to get involved with community organisations such as Gracey’s,” Steven Larsen said.

Gracey of the Resilient Friends Club has recently been acknowledged with the active citizen of the year award at the City of Armadale Australia Day celebrations. 

“I have all my meetings at Bean Thru, and let people know all about our partnership. I appreciate Bean Thru’s sense of community and it is vital for other business to do the same. Business has a big part to play in the community,” Gracey said.

The partnership has been showcased as part of a social media series in the lead up to the Connecting Community and Business sundowner, being held on Wednesday 14 March with entry free of charge hosted by the City of Armadale as part of their Growing Armadale initiative.

Mayor Henry Zelones OAM JP said there are many potential partnerships across the City between business and community organisations, and the City is keen to bring the parties together for mutual benefit.

“As a former businessman, I know that organisations can play a vital role in boosting community groups and initiatives in their area, and such partnerships often deliver benefits to business through increased networking opportunities and a healthier brand,” Mayor Zelones said.

To attend the Connecting Community and Business sundowner which is being held on Wednesday 14 March from 5 to 7.30pm at The Dale, register at

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